Monday, June 6, 2016

Incredible testimony calling for greater pipeline safety: Helen Baker, mother of James (Salem PA)

"People have no idea what they are living near."
       -- Helen Baker

Here is my heart-wrenching interview with Helen Baker,
mother of James Baker
, recorded yesterday, whose home
was destroyed in the Salem Township, Westmoreland County PA incident
on April 29th.

Be prepared-- some of these details are disturbing.

Helen describes exactly what happened to James (frightening),
his present condition (he has suffered some amputations, and skin
grafts... a long road ahead), the response of the community (fantastic),
and the response of Spectra Energy (absolute deafening silence).

James and his wife had no idea they were living in an HCA:

(High Consequence Area) just 271'ft from FOUR high-pressure
natural gas pipelines, and also an extraction well for the whopping
~130 BCF* Dominion/Spectra Oakford Storage complex.

(* Source:

Remember Porter Ranch / Aliso Canyon?

This storage field (Oakford Storage in Westmoreland County PA) is about
the same size as
the Dawn Storage  in S. Ontario between Niagara Falls
and Detroit, that is, It is in the top 5 largest in North America.

It's also about the same size as
he storage field in Aliso Canyon/Porter Ranch
which leaked raw methane and
methyl mercaptan into the atmosphere
for 4 months.

Can you imagine if it had caught fire and exploded?

We may have gotten a glimpse of what could have looked like in Salem PA.
Because there is something VERY strange about this incident.
By my calculation, the flames were 2,500'ft high, ~1/2 mile!

The observed 
impact radius in Salem exceeded 2,200'ft, which is more
than 3.3x larger than the Potential Impact Radius predicted by
the formula used
by PHMSA. (671'ft).

I have looked at a lot of pipeline accidents, and I am used to actual
impacts being worse than predicted... but Salem was OFF THE CHARTS.
I have never seen anything close to something this big.

I will have more coming very soon, but for now, listen to
Helen's powerful testimony. This will be useful to anyone
fighting to end natural gas infrastructure, or just improve their safety.

More info:

My facebook album -- 6 weeks of solid research:

(major update coming soon -- some of the data is WORSE
than first reported based on new information)
Major Video Release Coming....

A major video revealing my findings is coming very soon.
Be prepared to be shocked and blown away by what I have found ....
I have only hinted at things here.

Please feel free to share this with other groups working on
pipelines, or groups in SW PA.


PS: I do this work in the public service as an unpaid volunteer,
and rely upon donations to keep this going. Now is a great time
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May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)


Wolfman said...

When will the video be posted?

Wolfman said...

When will your video be posted? What is the progress of James Baker?

Bill Huston said...

There's no video. It was a phone interview. I can post it to Youtube if you think it will reach more people.