Thursday, July 7, 2016

My comments on PHMSA docket (NPRM for gas pipeline safety regs)

Sissonville composite showing aerial photo superimposed by diagram from the NTSB Pipeline Accident Report, with the predicted PIR circle (red) and the actual major impact area (yellow). Minor impacts such as melted siding was observed hundreds of feet beyond the yellow area.

Here are my comments on PHMSA's NPRM for gas pipeline safety rules. 
This includes ~3 years of work trying to calibrate the "Potential Impact Radius" (PIR) formula against real world data.

Here is a link to my comments on the docket:

Complete docket:

I ran out of time, so it's not as well formatted as I would like. But at least something is now out there for review. There are a few details omitted in the interest of time and brevity. 

A web formatted version of the my primary comments on the NPRM are here:

I will have a web-formatted version of my "Calibrating the PIR formula" soon.

Feel free to share this with other people who are interested in Natural Gas Pipeline Safety.

Constructive criticism appreciated.

MANY THANKS to those who supported my research, especially the month I spent working on the Salem incident.


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