Friday, September 30, 2016


Well, the comment period for the i3 Elecrtonics SPDES permit is now closed.

I just logged in to the account for "Concerned Citizens of Endicott" and am overwhelmed by all of wonderful comments made to DEC which were forwarded to me.

(I'd estimate around 25 quality comments?)

Presumably, there were others sent to DEC which we were not CC'd on.

I was panicked a few weeks ago, feeling abandoned by the NGO's and the lack of certain big-name water warriors in NY helping us.

It's what I call the "not enough" curse. I heard this so many times from event organizers in 5 years of fighting fracking. Often, "I wish more people had shown up". But we have a ban now, so clearly we had enough!

And we DID have some big names helping us, and one NGO came through in a major way: Sierra Club.

I will compile all these comments shortly. But for now, let me thanks some of the people whom I feel helped out in a major way:

Rachel Treichler, esq
John Barone, esq
Ann Khanna, esq
Dr. Ron Bishop
Roger Downs, Sierra Club
Scott Lauffer,
Sierra Club, Susquehanna Group
Jim Little, WBESC
Western Broome Environmental Stakeholders Coalition
Mark Bacon, CCoE
Gerri Wiley, RN
Gudrun Scott, RN
Valdi & Karen Weiderpass
Broome-Tioga Green Party
NY Assembly Member Donna Lupardo

...probably a few I'm forgetting...

Thanks to EVERYONE who came to a meeting, took the plant tour, drove to the outfall and looks for flow or took samples, shared one of our memes or emails, spoke at the hearing, and/or filed a comment on the docket.

I am overwhelmed w/Joy.
Let's hope it makes a difference.

Bill Huston,
Concerned Citizens of Endicott

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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