Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Does your desire for "Peace" extend to animals?

Dear Friends--

I am desperately looking for people interested in protecting our natural world,
coexisting in peace with nature. People who care about our duty
as humans to be a steward of nature, and protect wild animals from senseless
harm at the hands of humans.

I am very sad to report--
The plans to slaughter DOZENS of large, wild animals

INSIDE A NATURE PRESERVE at Binghamton University
are back.

Happy Day of the Dead to you, too. :*(

In 2011, I helped out with a (miraculously successful) campaign
to stop a Deer Slaughter ("cull") in 2011. It was one of the most
painful and terrifying activist efforts I have ever undertaken.

I made a video about it:

(Some of the stuff in there about the anthills might be bogus info,
but this video is what it is. I made it on short notice and did the best
I could)

I had to study horrific videos of "captive net and bold" videos
by really sick professional contract assassins like Anthony Dinicola
who has single highhandedly slaughtered 10,000 animals.

But I care about animals so much, and living in peace and harmony,
I tried to push beyond my fears, including enduring a few
FRIGID and terrifying nights I spent inside the Nature Preserve
in Dec/Jan time frame, armed only with my camera. 

Imagine an Animal Lover on assignment to cover a slaughter.
That was me. I was one of the few locals working on it.


While I never explored this connection in my video,
I really think this is the remnants of an ancient Pagan
Slaughter-N-Sex ritual called Saturnalia (warning: Link is NSFW)

where people would slaughter deer and have wild orgies in the woods
in order to gain health and virility.

We had some AMAZING helpers from afar, especially David Bernheim, esq.
an Animal Rights attorney from Croton-on-Hudson who did some amazing
work on this, despite his advanced age. (I just tried to look him up, and
his number is disconnected. I doubt he is still practicing law).

I am BEGGING anyone in the Central NY area for help defeating
this Senseless Slaughter. I have only found out the plans are back.
This is DREADFUL work.

Please help me save these INNOCENT wild animals.

Bill Huston. Binhamton NY

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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