Sunday, December 11, 2016

Puzzle! (for the Zeitgeist)


Your Name is Zeitgeist.
You are the Spirit of the Age.
You are the eyes the ears and voice
of the Collective Consciousness.

You find yourself at the precipice of the Void.
You are teetering at the Bridge of Death.

How you act now will not only determine your own fate,
but the fate of Uncountable Living Beings.

The fate of entire Civilizations lies at the outcome of this moment.

It's all up to YOU!

Everything depends on your next choices.
So you should choose wisely,
With the great attention and care now...

Do I have your attention? OK,
Good ;)

Dear Zeitgeist, you are sitting in front of the Unhappiest Man in the World.
A man with insatiable greed, who also has unimaginable powers,
controls the largest military on Planet Earth.

This man has the power to destroy EVERY Living Thing 100 times over.

This man is angry and afraid and confused.
He is surrounding himself with other greedy, violent, and unhappy people.

YOU are sitting in front of the Unhappiest man in the Solar System,
and he has his hand on the button which can blow up world.

He thought having a beautiful wife would make him happy. He got that!
A Supermodel! A porn star.

Do you think this brought him lasting happiness?
No. It satisfied him for a while, and then he wanted more.

He thought having a BILLION DOLLARS would make him happy.
He got that!!

Do you think all his money makes him happy?


He wanted to have GIANT buildings, with his name emblazoned
In major cities all over the world. He got that!!

He wanted to play golf at the most exclusive resorts,
with famous people and movie stars and heads of state...

He wanted to be the Star of a Hit TV show,
A REALITY show where he played himself, a man with so much power
that he gets to decide the fate of many people,
like an Emperor who can send people to the lions.


Do you think he is happy now? No.
He only wants more fame, more money, more power...

He thought being President of the UNITED STATES
would make him happy.

He now has so much power he can destroy entire nations!!!
Everyone will have to bow before him,
and kiss his ass in order to live or die.

He has acquired fortune and fame, he shits on a Gold Toilet.

He owns helicopters and yachts and jumbo jets.
He has servants who attend to his every need or desire.
He can and has destroyed the reputations, careers, and lives, of many people

He has hunted and eaten rare creatures, nearly extinct, 
and kept their heads as trophies.

But nothing has made him happy.

Now he has the nuclear launch codes.

You find yourself kneeling before him.
He wants you to explain why he should not push the button.

What do you do?

Do you spit in his face?
Do you say he is worse than Hitler?
A monster, the Devil Incarnate? Pure Evil!
Do you curse him to Hell and beyond?

Many people have been saying this!
Painting pictures of the man as a Nazi or Devil.
Do you think he has not seen these things?
Do you think these pictures have made him joyful?
Or brought him more happiness?
Or did it only increase his pain, his burden, his unhappiness.

YOU are sitting, kneeling before the UNHAPPIEST MAN IN THE WORLD.
He knows that you hate him and want him dead.
He knows you think he is a creature so ugly that you want nothing
more than that his soul is punished in Hell Realms for eternities.

So OK he tells you.
You will get your wish.

The man says, He will kill himself,
by pushing the button.

He will kill himself and you too and every living thing.
He will destroy the Earth so utterly it will be dead for 100 Million Years.

The Earth is nearly there anyway. Every living system in breakdown.
Already in the middle of a mass extinction the scale of the Permian-Triassic.
Polar ice caps melting which will cause feedback loops
which will cook the oceans and all life.

But he hasn't pushed the button yet. You have an audience with the man.
Maybe there is something you can say to him to get him to change his mind?

So what do you say to him?
If not a curse, then what?

What do you say to the Richest, Most Powerful, and Unhappiest Man in the
Galaxy to get him to save the Earth?

Do you say Fuck It! Push the Damn Button already.
Get it over with. We are already in Hell!

Do you try to persuade him that life is worth living?
Even for a man who has done despicable things?
Who has committed unspeakable violence?

How do you heal the Unhappiest Man in the Galaxy,
to heal his heart so that he saves you and me and everyone in Four Directions,
from the Graves of our Ancestors to Seven Generations?

Can you heal him with compassion, with kindness?
Can you heal him with forgiveness?
Do you say you are sorry for the pain he feels,
for the pain he has caused?

Do you wish that he is happy and free from suffering?
Will that make a difference?

Whether you like it or not, you are HERE-NOW, dear Zeitgeist!

Dear friend, this is all up to you.

Your speech, your soliloquy, your song begins now.

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