Saturday, April 15, 2017

RESIST the Orange Clown Nazi!

To my old friend Tarik Abdelazim​​, who is of Syrian descent, as he talks about "Resisting Trump":

I urge you not to focus on Trump. He's just like Obama, minus the charm, and grace. He's vulgar, blundering, and stupid. BUT HIS POLICIES are IDENTICAL to Obama's, I.e. whatever the f- the corporations, bankers, and CIA want.. It's only a matter of degree and couth. 

Tough Love:
You "Indivisible" / Working Families Democrats are a huge part of the problem. Haven't you learned from Hillary Clinton's campaign that "Resisting Trump" is a failed strategy? 

It's child's play to name what you hate, or resist. What's 1,000x more difficult is to say what you stand FOR! 

The Democrats are not elucidating this. 

The other thing is to RECOGNIZE, call out, address and FIX the abuse, fraud, and corruption of the DNC and 2016 primary which cheated Bernie and installed HRC. The DNC *PROMOTED* Trump!! It's all in the Wikileaks. 

Look around!!! The Democratic Party is WIPED OUT. Lost over a THOUSAND seats at every level.
900+ state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats, 13 Senate seats. 

And for a good reason! People are SICK of the LIES and abuse of the Democrats. Jobs Exporting Free Trade agreements, Private Prisons, War on Everything, Illegal Wars, Domestic Spying, FRACKING!!!!, Total Media Enclosure, Capture of our Elections, the militarization of local police. A right wing illegal tax written by insurance industry lobbyists disguised as "health care".

Bernie Sanders did a lot of good. He showed us all a very unlikely candidate, an old socialist Jew with a progressive domestic agenda could rally the people on small donations and form a significant threat to the establishment. Great!!! 

But then what did he do? HE FOLDED! The $270 Million Dollar Man endorsed his arch nemesis, Queen Fracking Wall Street Mart!! He kept MUM on the fraud and corruption, he CAMPAIGNS for the Treasonous Career Criminal who engineered perhaps the greatest human rights catastrophe in human history (Syrian/Lybia Quagmire). That's the Working Families Party scam ON STEROIDS.

and now his parroting the Russian Hacking narrative, which is 100% Premium Horse Hockey, Pure Malarkey, Military-Grade Deep State PSYOPS. 

C'mon Bernie! 

Jesus Christ! How anyone can continue to support the Democratic Party after all this is beyond me. Fool me once, shame in you. But fool me for Forty F*kin Years!!!!! ....

But oh, the Democrats have been doing everything right since the Election Debacle!! 

They HEARD the people and created a Solidly Progressive (non binding) platform! ... 

Wait, no they didn't. That's right... Sorry. The progressives were overruled and shouted down on every important issue. 

The Fascists who control the party can't even give us a decent NON-BINDING platform!! 

But wait! At least they then installed Progressives in all the important leadership positions! 
Tulsi Gabbard in the House, Bernie in the Senate, and Keith Ellison as DNC chair. Yay!!!

Wait no. I was wrong about that too. They really installed establishment corporate tools at ever level. Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Tom Perez. 

So I really don't want to hear any of my friends talking about Resisting Trump, OK? There is NO POLITICAL WAY to do that now, because the Democrats SUCK SO EPIC HARD.  The Republicans are in complete control of ALL THREE BRANCHES of government. And that will likely be true for the next decade at least. 

So PLEASE don't tell me what you're going to RESIST without first telling me what you are FOR. 

Don't tell me about the faults of Trump and the Republicans without first admitting the Democrats are COMPLICIT with everything wrong now. 

Start telling me how you're going to fix the Democratic Party, or else help implode the damn thing, create a level playing field for third parties, and help me build something new, which I suggest is the Green Party.

Thanks. Your friend,

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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