Sunday, May 28, 2017

CNG Gas by Trucks / Costs Spreadsheet, Forest Lake PA to Manheim NY

You probably are aware of my series of blog posts about the new "Virtual Transmission Lines" by truck.
Here is a link to a spreadsheet I've been working on to calculate the total costs XNG is spending on this operation.

It's a rough idea, but I've used hard data where I could, and made reasonable guesses otherwise. 

(Thanks to Craig Stevens, Vera Scroggins, and Ray Kemble for help with this research)


50 trucks/day 100 trucks/day
capital costs $61,000,000 $72,500,000
labor / year
$2.5M $9.7M
trucks (drivers) needed 13 26
trailers needed 17 34

labor + cap dep.
costs per day
$23k $33k
Cost of gas in NEPA  $2.90 / MCF
1 trailer payload cost $1,527
mcf/day 26k 53k
payload cost $76k $153k
break even -- must sell gas for
(expenses + payload cost)
$100k $186k
must sell @ per mcf $3.80 $3.54
XNG Forest Lake to Manheim
actual midstream costs / MCF
$ 0.9 $ 0.64
vs. pipeline midstream costs / MCF $0.5


Are there buyers downstate, in New England, or in Canada willing to pay $3.80 / MCF?


May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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