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New "Bomb Trucks" in Vestal: Question for Electeds/Emergency Management

Are the "Bomb Trucks of Vestal" part of a "Virtual Constitution Pipeline"?

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A few of us have been investigating the strange new CNG "Bomb Trucks" which have been showing up in NY, originating from a facility on the North Road near PA CR-267 just NW of Montrose, Susquehanna County in Forest Lake.

After a couple of weeks of investigation and some wrong turns\... we think we have this figured out. 

We have heard they are taking gas by truck from Susquehanna County PA into NY and INJECTING it onto the Iroquois Pipeline at Manheim, Herkimer County along the Thruway. (although I cannot mention my source, and this needs verification)

Several technical experts and even ordinary folks who've heard this have said, "that's BS", "sheer nonsense", "that doesn't make any sense".

I agree! It doesn't make any sense! ... Yet there it is. We have followed the trucks. We have observed both ends. We've received tips from confidential sources. It all checks out. 

Why was this brand new thing snuck in with no public hearings?
No public notice?

Comparing volumes of Constitution Pipeline vs. this Virtual Pipeline (estimates)
  • Constitution Pipeline = 650 mmcf/day
  • 1 Hexagon Lincoln Titan XL box tanker = 0.526612 mmcf = 526,612 scf [Source]
  • 1 Titan XL= 0.526 / 650 = 0.08% of CP daily flow
  • 100 Titan-XL = 52.6 mmcf = 8% of CP daily flow 
NOTE: A previous version I previously had reported this incorrectly.

Here is a letter I sent so some elected officials, revised here with more information and photos.

Vestal Fire Chief Dave Harrington,
Vestal Town Supervisor John Schaffer,
Broome County Exec: Jason Garner,
NY Assembly Member Donna Lupardo,
Broome County Public Works Commiss. Dan Schofield,
Broome County Emergency Svs. Dir. Bret Chellis
Susan Bowen, Tonya Pinney


  • Since about Feb 2017, a brand new operation has begun,
    ~50-100x "XNG" branded Xpress Natural Gas "Bomb trucks" per day traveling in Vestal, Binghamton, Johnson City, Port Dickenson, Chenango Bridge
    Despite the ordinary appearance (except for the DOT 1971 Hazmant Placard), these trucks are very high-tech. There are intermodal (truck, train, boat), carry 12 tons of methane gas at very high pressure (3,600 psig) in a 21 ton trailer.
  • Rt 26 N from PA, to 434, African Road, and Old Vestal Road, to 440 Prentice Road, from there to NY17/I-86, and I-88
    ~50-100 "Bomb Trucks" per day though one of our busiest shopping districts
  • 24,000 lbs (12 tons) of methane under very high pressure 3,600 lbs/sq in.
    Trailer empty: 42k lbs (21 tons), loaded 67k lbs (34 tons)
    Source: http://hhpinsight.com/cng/2016/06/hexagon-titan-xl-trailers-for-xng/
  • Upon Information and Belief, this is the full route:
  • Or maybe this one (28 all the way to Mohawk, Otsego Co)

Questions for Elected Officials and First Responders:
  • Already one truck flipped over within first week of operation.
    Did Vestal Fire Dept. respond to the incident at
    Forest Lake Twp, Feb 22, 2017?

    One truck flipped within the first week of operation. (WBNG-TV Action News)

    Concerning 440 Prentice Road, Vestal:

    440 Prentice Road, Vestal transfer station
  • What is the purpose of the facility at 440 Prentice Rd?
  • Is there a valid bulk fuel storage permit for the present owner of 440 Prentice Rd?
  • The former owner Amerada Hess abandoned this site in 2002.
  • Why is the land use at 440 Prentice Road Tax ID: 158.07-2-1  listed as an "Auto Dealer"?
  • Who is the actual owner of the property? Listed as an anonymous LLC, "Prentice Rd Properties LLC"

    Public Safety Concerns
  • Is the gas in these trucks odorized?
  • Do these trucks present a special safety hazard to the general public?
  • What is the blast radius should one of these trucks explodes?
  • Do these trucks carry a risk of BLEVE in a fire?
  • Were the Fire Chiefs of Vestal, JC, Binghamton, etc., and Broome County Emergency Management briefed / trained about this activity?
  • What are the special hazards to shoppers and homeowners in that very busy 434 business corridor?
  • Was there a federal Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) performed under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)? (not to my knowledge)
  • Was there a NY State Environmental Impact Statement performed under NY SEQRA? (not to my knowledge)
Direct Government Subsides/Tax Deferments:

  • $200k PA Alternative Fuel Incentive Grant for CNG trucks
  • $176k in PA Job Creation Tax Credits to be distributed upon creation of the new jobs
  • $11k in WEDnetPA funding for employee training.
Indirect Subsidy, due to Failure to Regulate or Enforce under Statute
  • I photographed a truck 5/13/17 @ 4:21 PM in Vestal and observed:
  • NH IFTA stickers only. Missing:

    These trucks are very high tech Intermodal *Shipping Containers*.
    Truck? Rail? Ship? What is the final destination?

    No visible front license plate

    No visible front license plate.
    • No NY or PA IFTA tax decal displayed
    • No NY HUT tax decal displayed
    • No PA Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) decal displayed
    • No front license plate displayed
  • No FERC regulation of this Interstate Commerce in Natural Gas, despite clear jurisdiction under 15 U.S. Code § 717(b,c), and 15 U.S. Code § 717f(c)(1)(A). (e.g., see decision in CP14-114).
  • No NY PSC regulation due to decision in 14-G-0037

  • No bulk storage permit at 440 Prentice Road ??
  • No special use permit for bulk storage/truck depot at 440 Prentice Road
  • No PA DEP Air Quality Permit for Forest Lake facility (violation issued, no fine)
  • No Environmental Impact Statement performed by PA, or NY, or Federal Government.
I believe there are numerous violations of federal and state law involved this operation, and would appreciate it if you look into this.

William Huston
Email: WilliamAHuston@gmail.com

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