Thursday, May 25, 2017

successful action at Trump nominees Senate confirmation hearing!

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Date: Thursday, May 25, 2017
Subject: successful action at Trump nominees Senate confirmation hearing!


Way to go, Lee and others!


Please spread word widely:


Lee Stewart locks down to a hearing room chair and was roughly arrested while yelling "FERC is killing Pennsylvanians!"

"FERC is an arm of the oil and gas industries," said Lee Stewart, an organizer with Beyond Extreme Energy and one of those arrested in the hearing room. "Their rubber-stamping of fracked gas permits disregards the harms such projects inflict on communities, towns, and the climate. Because of the great violence FERC inflicts on the world, it's important to do everything possible to stop or delay them. Until FERC is replaced with an agency dedicated to a just transition off fossil fuels and to an exploitation-free energy system based on localized, renewable energy, business as usual is unacceptable."

BXE and allies successfully disrupted the #SenateENR hearing for new #FERC commissioners. All new appointees must be blocked in order to prevent a permit-issuing quorum from being restored.

Please Donate to help #ResistFERC as our coalition fights to prevent a 'federal' fossil fuel regime from becoming fully functional again:

#RubberStampRebellion #NoNewPermits #NoPipelines #NoMorePipelines #NoLNG #NoLNGexports



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