Friday, October 20, 2017

Gas is worse than coal

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Date: Friday, October 20, 2017
Subject: Gas is worse than coal

Lynda asked me to explain my statement so here it goes.
All of the policies being enacted by FERC, Congress, and NGO's including the Clean Power Plan are based on the assertion that gas is cleaner than coal. This is not true at all. Gas is the worst possible source of power both for the climate and public health. While some say gas burns cleaner than coal (I don't think the evidence is clear on this), assuming this is correct, gas requires a vast infrastructure network that spans hundreds sometimes thousands of miles and it leaks at every stage of the process. Fugitive methane has 86 -100 times the GWP as CO2. While some can make the arguments that gas is still cleaner at a leakage rate of under 2% scientists say that gas leaks anywhere from a very conservative 3.6% to what has actually been measured in the atmosphere 10-12%.  This is simply catastrophic for climate change.  From a public health perspective gas emits ultra fine pm. While your body tries to expels larger particles by coughing them out. UFPM penetrates right into the bloodstream leaving the body completely defenseless. 
Moreover most gas now is fracked which means its filled with corrosive biocides, and other chemicals, heat producing radioactive particles etc.
So of the 3 choices coal nuclear and is the absolute worst.
The reason we have only these 3 choices is because we did not invest in renewables a decade ago when we should of. 
Hydropower is the only renewable power source that can provide reliable baseload power.
Today shutting down a coal or nuclear plant just to have it replaced by gas is utter insanity. Game over for the climate. Game over for human life. Perhaps some microbial life will survive.
We need massive investments in renewable if we want to survive. That's the bottom line. But right now every coal and nuclear plant being shut down IS being replaced by a gas plant.

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