Friday, June 1, 2018

Fwd: Interesting: Type-4 CNG virtual pipeline tube trailers owners manuals + example

Hexagon Composites Titan Owners Manual:
(you can download by logging in with a free account)

Quantum VP Owners Manual:

You can view these and prior versions in my
"Virtual Pipelines" document collection
(look under the manufactures section).

(Sometimes you can find interesting things by looking
at how a document has changed over time. That's
why I keep up prior versions).

This is for real tech geeks, but there is an
amazing amount of useful information here!!

For example, this is one of my favorites!

Page 21 of the Quantum Rev D manual:

The Quantum Virtual Pipeline System must NEVER be exposed to a vacuum. If the system experiences a vacuum, the gas storage cylinders will be damaged.

Page 8 of the Titan manual, it says something similar:

Do not allow a vacuum to form in the cylinder(s) at any time.

Now, I want you to think about the function of this thing:

We tend to call it a "compressor", but that is only at the outlet.
At the INLET, functionally, we might call it a VACUUM PUMP.

Now the Iroquois IIRC has an MAOP of about 1100 psig.
But these #Bombtrucks run at 3600 psig. 3x HIGHER PRESSURE.

But you only need a compressor for pushing LOWER to HIGHER.
Huh? So why do we need a big monster compressor at Manheim?


But we DO NEED A VACUUM as the pressure reduces in the
cylinder approaching the receiving pipeline pressure (1100 psig,
in the case of the Iroquois), down to the Minimum Cylinder Pressure
of 200 psig,.

In fact, while it VOIDS THE WARRANTY and is known to Damage
the Cylinders to expose these tanks to a vacuum, XNG exposes
these things to a vacuum 3 times per day!!!! (x7) (x365)


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