Wednesday, July 11, 2018

ANOTHER XNG rollover crash in Otsego County // #BombTrucks

Photo Source: WKTV:

Today at 3:05 PM: multiple fire units were dispatched to 7202 State Route 28, in Exeter, Otsego County for an XNG rollover crash. The report issued by Otsego Emergency Management Dispatch was that the truck was leaking gas. The trailer was manufactured by Quantum Fuel Systems, and is believed to be a VP-Lite mode.

Rt 28 is CLOSED from 16 to Schuyler Lake. As of about 4:30, they were trying to disconnect power and phone lines. First responders are waiting on Verizon and rep from XNG from Forest Lake PA to arrive.

As I have reported, one of the NUMEROUS safety issues I have identified with these trucks is their high center of gravity, making them a rollover risk.

Image 1: High Center of Gravity (Center of Mass) increases rollover risk. The Quantum VP-series (right) have an even higher CG than the Hexagon Composites Titan-40 (left)
Image 2: Critical angle is much smaller for trailers with a high center of gravity.
Hexagon Composites Titan-40 (left), Quantum VP-Lite (center), Fedex Box Trailer (right)

In fact, there have now been TWO rollover crashes in Susquehanna County of XNG vehicles (both were Quantum VP-Lites),and also TWO MORE rollover crashes in Otsego County (one Hexagon Titan-40, and the one today is still unknown).

All known incidents here:

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​Image 3: Today's crash location

Image 4: Prior rollover crash, 9/12/2017 Town of Hartwick, Otsego Co.

Image 5: All Known Prior Incidents
​Image 6: XNG incidents, Pipe-to-Pipe, Forest Lake, Susquehanna Co. PA to Manheim, Herkimer Co., NY, since operations began 2/2017

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