Thursday, September 27, 2018

Merrimack Valley Explosions: First Responder Radio Traffic (6 streams, 45 total hours)

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At about 4:10 PM, the afternoon on 9/13/2018 in Merrimack Valley,
Essex County, Massachusetts, first responders started getting reports of
basement fires, and the smell of gas all over Lawrence, Andover, and North Andover.
One of the first responders reports he found "a house apparently off its foundation".

The first call came in at 4:11PM: 35 Phillips Street.

Then calls came in rapidly:
4:13: 104 W. Broadway
4:14: 7676 Sutton St., and the Corner of Baily and Phillips
4:15: 575 Osgood St.
4:16: 28 Springfield
4:17: 19 Robinson Ct., 19 Mifflin Dr., 259 Farnum St., + fires on Adams & Abbott streets...

One Mass State Police officer was told, "report to the vicinity of Lawrence
for the report of multiple house fires and explosions". The officer responded
to the dispatcher, "Any particular location?". And after a long pause, the dispatcher
responds, "Just report to Lawrence and await further".

It's just stunning to hear hour professional they all acted, keeping cool in the
face of a catastrophe they were struggling to understand.

Here is the radio traffic from 6 different channels in the vicinity. Most of the feeds start at around 3-4pm, and proceed for 8 hours. (one feed is only about 4 hours, due to a power outage at the radio listening location).

So here is a total of about 45 hours of audio.

Each file covers 30 minutes. The date & time is encoded in the file name, although I believe it is off by an hour due to daylight savings time. Often the dispatcher will give time cues.

(I am planning on an easier presentation, but this amount of audio is presenting some tech challenges).

I paid for access to these recordings, but I am making these available for non-commercial or personal use, so that investigators can try to figure out what happened.
(Note: If you want to use these recordings for commercial purposes, you must negotiate a commercial license.)

These are stored on Dropbox, with support from Damascus Citizens for Sustainability.

I suggest starting at the top level and working down to the "Police & Fire Radio Traffic" folder. <== Easy to Remember Top-Level
--> README FIRST BH Pipeline Collection.html      # License for the entire collection.

--> Enter Archive
----> Incidents
------> 2017-09-13 Merrimack Valley MA LDS explosions
--------> Police & Fire Radio Traffic  # Direct Link to the audio files: CLICK HERE! 

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