Friday, September 7, 2018

Thanks for attending #BombTrucks 101! PLEASE REVIEW if you attended

(PLEASE NOTE: I spent about 1,000 volunteer hours of research creating "#BombTrucks 101". At a living wage, this would be $15,000. I am only seeking $5000 for this work. I URGENTLY need $500 right away to cover bills. Please donate if you can: Thank You!!!)

Craig Stevens and I want to express thanks to everyone who came out to see our #BombTrucks 101 presentation! 

While we had
crowds at each venue,
they each were each high quality. 

We had
in attendance:
legislators from Tompkins County, Town of Lansing, and Otsego County (one was strongly antagonistic -- we were happy he came!), former Mayor of Binghamton, a co-founder of Dryden DRAC, a co-founder of Shaleshock and retired land planner, a psychologist and member of VERSE, members of the Susquehanna chapter of the Sierra Club inc. the Chair, the Catskill Mountainkeepeer, a retired engineer and technical advisor to Otsego 2000, and the President of O2K, persons who live along the route, and some very senior NY fractivists. 

We created this on very short notice with almost no promotion, during back-to-school week, key people had conflicts

Several people told me after the Oneonta presentation they were profoundly affected.

Suzy Winkler wrote this:

I saw a version of this presentation last night in Oneonta and it really was an excellent evening.

I highly recommend that you find the time to go to see/hear it

Last night a wonderful introduction by Nicole Dillingham, a heartfelt statement from Vera Scroggins, an exceptional powerpoint loaded with information from Bill Huston and the impeccable delivery of Craig Stevens. 

Honest... you should attend.
Suzy Winkler

If you attended one of these shows, I would very much appreciate your feedback. 

Please respond privately,
and let me know

(happy, anger, joy, sadness, fear, love)
Did you experience any discomfort in your body?

What you
THINK about what you saw:
Did you find the information credible? Compelling? Shocking? Disturbing?

★ Do you agree with Craig and Bill this issue is critically important
    -- A major NEW threat to public safety?

★ Were you inspired to take action?

★ Are you glad you attended?

Please only use the above as a guide.
Please use your own words. :)

Please send your review to:


I will have a professional video produced in about a week,
of the best of all three shows.

Craig and I want to take this show on the road.
We are targeting Albany, Catskills/Hudson Valley, 
and NYC.... and beyond.

Any donations you make will help support and sustain
this work.

Thank you!

Most of my public service work is unfunded.
Again, I have an URGENT need for $490 today.
Please donate if you can:
Thank You!!!

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Tom Frost Jr. said...

Yes, I found the info credible, as one who maintained and drove a big-enough-to-have-air-brakes truck of my own for many years.