Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Albany-Area Friends: Have you seen these vehicles?

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Friends, I am researching the 6/2/2018 rollover crash of an allegedly unloaded XNG tractor trailer traveling northbound on I-87 at ~8am on a Saturday.

The vehicle which crashed resembled the top vehicle below, on the tractor (power unit) was a 2012 diesel Volvo rather than a CNG Freightliner as shown here. The trailer is the most important feature to observe: 

Why this vehicle there

Since this is a non-standard combo for XNG, I assume the volume of these is low, no more than 1 per day. Due to the configuration (diesel tractor indicates possible extended range), it's possible this was a transfer of an unloaded(*) vehicle to another facility.

(* never say empty! An unloaded trailer can still have up to about 1 ton of natural gas at 200 psi!)

I think what is more likely is there is an end-user somewhere along a line starting at the Albany Capitol District, south ~25 miles to Athens.
  • a small industrial customer,
  • a natural gas Local Distribution Company,
  • College or University
  • Hospital
  • Transfer terminal (Port or Train) which deals with intermodal shipping containers. 
I heard a rumor about 1 year ago these were spotted near the Port of Albany, but could not get confirmation.

Can you please share this with your friends and neighbors in the Capitol District, and Hudson Valley, who live or commute between Athens, Greene County NY, to Coxsackie, Ravina, Selkirk, Glenmont, or near the Port of Albany?

Please report any sightings of vehicles which resemble this to me,

Thank you!
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