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#BombTrucks in Albany: June'18 Crash Unraveled!

Praise for the Bill Huston Blog from Rolling Stone's Justin Nobel:

Fracking is the energy story of our times, It has blasted rural & suburban America with a shocking array of contamination issues, the science is complicated, the exposures are frightening.. yet how many big newspapers have someone permanently on the beat? Instead stories are broken by people like Bill Huston, who has done a detailed investigation into the explosion of a "bomb truck" carrying fracked natural gas that crashed this Summer on the NY State Thruway just miles from the state's capital of Albany:

"Great sleuthing!"
-- Dwain Wilder,
Editor, The Banner
(Featured in Vol. 4 No. 43)
Hi Friends --

I have a major new investigation up, concerning a rollover of an XNG High-Pressure, Type-4 CNG Bulk-Haul Virtual Pipeline Tube Trailer (a/k/a, "#BombTruck") in Albany County, just 2.0 miles from the Governor's Mansion. 

My investigation has revealed that the first responders
  1. Made several errors, putting first responders and the public in harms way,
  2. Did not understand what they were dealing with,
  3. referred to it as a "garbage hauler",
  4. did not identify it as HAZMAT for a full 16 minutes,
  5. mistakenly referred to the CNG tanks as "empty",
    (the tanks hold nearly a ton of methane even when "unloaded". They are never empty!)
  6. Followed an entirely different protocol than with 3 prior rollover crashes and 1 subsequent,
  7. despite reporting a "possible leak" to the National Response Center, they lit flares,
    and performed no evacuations, in violation to the Emergency Response Guide (2016: Latest Version)
  8. They did not close the interstate.
  9. Did not transfer or discharge residual gas before moving trailer,
  10. Did not call transport driver with severe injuries to Albany Medical for nearly 4 hours. 

My blog is published here:

I have an 8-part video series I am uploading now. Parts 1-4 are online now. The remainder may take though the weekend to complete.

The videos are now embedded in the blog post.
Here is the direct link:

I am sending this out now BEFORE all the videos have been uploaded, because I am in a critical cash crunch.

I am a non-profit person. I live on donations and grants. I presently have one small grant, but it is not enough to pay my bills.

I have put around 1,500 hours into my #BombTrucks research, since spring 2017 as a volunteer. At a living wage ($15/hr) this is nealy $25,000.

Please note that when I work professionally, I bill out at SUBSTANTIALLY more than $15/hr. Back at the peak of the Dot Com boom, I was billing out at over $70/hr. I was making well into 6 figures. I have very marketable tech skills.  So $15/hr is working cheap.

But I don't want another day job! My passion is public service work!
I have a substantial portfolio of my work here: [My Fracking Resume]

I am not seeking $25,000! 
(although that would be nice and would fund my work for the next year!) 
I am only seeking $5,000. 
This is like me working at an effective rate of $3/hr!

 I have already raised about $700 in donations.

I have about $4,000 left to go.
I am in DESPERATE need for about $1,000.

Why should you fund my work?

1: I give my work away, for free! 

I never charge money for my work. 
I only ask that people observe a Creative Commons License 
(CC-by-NC) which requires author attribution.

PLEASE use my work.
Just give me credit! 

2: Well, apparently my work is good enough to plagiarize!

On at least 3 occasions, people have used my work AS THEIR OWN, without crediting me as the source. Some are some VERY BIG NAME fractivists and NGOs, associated with some BIG fancy-schmancy universities and colleges. 

Here is the latest example:


3. I am under attack by the Oil and Gas Industry
I haven't made a big deal about this, but I am a wanted man. I understand from my friends that a Big Dude named "Jack" with a big Ford pickup truck and a super-cap (w/NY tags) AND wearing a sidearm is banging on the doors of my friends homes looking for me, says "I'm Bill's friend". He has a big wad of papers in his back pocket.

I know what this is about! I am wanted for deposition and "Discovery" in a PA Civil Case to which I am not a party.

You may have heard that Cabot Oil and Gas is suing Ray Kemble for $5M, claiming Ray has "disparaged" their good name.

Well, now I understand that Cabot is attempting to depose ME and get a SHIT TON of personal information (emails, bank records, etc) trying to find evidence to support their SLAPP suit against Ray. So I have been shifting around, laying low trying to avoid service. (They haven't found me yet!)

Cabot has paid for attack pieces on me for reporting their suspicious activity ([1], [2])
Cabot has also purchased a targeted "advertisement" (really a PR hit) on me, when you search for "Bill Huston Blog". Try it! And watch what videos come up. For most people it's an Energy in Depth video shot by Vic Furman titled "Bill Huston Meltdown":

Google + Energy in Depth Slander & Defame me!!!

(No, it wasn't a "Meltdown". I intentionally disrupted a Gas-Industry propaganda event being held at the Binghamton SUNY campus)

Please ask yourself:
Why would Cabot attack me so if  I am not effective?

Friends, I am under an enormous about of stress right now.
I need a pair of glasses.
I am $1,000 in debt. My phone and other critical stuff is being turned off. 

I could be homeless soon.

4. I am doing leading edge research that no one else is doing!

Whether it is #BombTrucks Research or my Dimock Documents Archive
or my Video or Mapping work, I have demonstrated for 10 years to do quality work. 
I have TWO major stories I am working on which will blow your mind.

  • Massive amounts of Diesel fuel is being used in hydraulic fracturing drilling muds. WHY is this not a violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act, which makes the injection of CANCER CAUSING POISON above, into, or below Underground Sources of Drinking Water a federal environmental crime? 
  • Merrimack Valley Explosions --- SOLVED! 
But I need your support!

Please donate if you can!

Again I need about $1,000 urgently, just to keep things turned on. I need another $3,000 (or ideally more) to sustain me through the next several months. 

The easiest method is by Paypal:

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If you need to send me a check, please email me to make arrangements:

Thank you!!!

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