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Tuesday June 10th, 2015

Hi Friends--

I have a temporary but urgent cash flow situation
severely affects me for about the next 30 days.
It's my own fault. I have been obsessed the last 5 years
to help save the world (or at least NY) from fracking,
while sometimes neglecting my own needs.
I've heard some call this the "Hilary Acton Syndrome".

I have a great job (p/t), but haven't been logging enough hours
to pay my bills.

I need to raise about $200 by the end of the week,
and ideally, ~$1500 to help cover my
expenses for this month.

Bill Huston, c/o O2E-TV
PO Box 22
Endicott NY 13761

Why you might consider contributing

My 17 year old car
Since 2010, I have self-funded my activist  work. By a very conservative estimate, I have spent ~$25,000 of my own cash and countless hours fighting fracking. If we count lost time at work, it could be much more.

I live rather frugally, and drive a 17 year old car which needs a lot of work. However-- at least for the short term-- I can no longer self-fund my own work.  I have taken a lot of time off work recently doing videography, editing, and giving presentations.
I am asking for your donations.

BH at Seneca Lake
(photo: Heriberto Rodriguez)
Areas of my work:
  • Videography and Photography
  • Original Research / Blogging
  • Graphic Design / Social Media
  • Public Testimony
  • Maps
  • Invited Speaker on Pipelines and Compressor Stations

Presenting on Pipelines
in Central Virginia
I spent a couple of hours listing my accomplishments over the last 4.5 years: I was really surprised when I wrote this all out:
Bill Huston's Fracking Resume

Those are just the highlights... not an exhaustive list.

Recent work:
  • "Still a Bridge to Nowhere",
    video of Ingraffea/Howarth update of groundbreaking methane study
  • "How to fight a pipeline", 2 presentations with Nadia Steinzor for
    group in Central VA fighting the Atlantic Coast Pipeline
    My map has been used to refute EPA's
    finding of "No Widespread or Systemic
    Contamination"... 50,000+ shares in 5 days!
  • "6-County Water Contamination Map" -- My map has been used to refute the EPA's claims of "no widespread contamination" from fracking. In the last 5 days this map has been shared over 50,000 times.
  • "We Are Seneca Lake": On-going work doing documentary video work.
    This will eventually turn into a documentary film or maybe a series for PBS.
I have not received any payment for any of this work.

Upcoming projects:

  • Mini-documentary about Federal Energy Regulatory Commission-- this is perhaps my most important project to date. Work in Progress.
  • My new mini-documentary
    about the abuses by FERC
    could be my most important yet.
  • Chief Editor for new section about FERC for the SourceWatch Wiki
  • I will be speaking on Pipelines for a group in Orange County NY at the end of this month
  • (I have another video project which I can't discuss until field work (capture of source material) is completed.)
My immediate needs are for about $200,
but more like $1500 would be ideal.
  • minimal necessary car maintenance ($225)
  • insurance ($55)
  • medical expenses from recent illness ($175)
  • internet hosting ($100)
  • living expenses (~$1000, but can make it on less)
New Video!
I've been bringing you videos from the
best experts (like these guys)
for the last 5 years...
Here are some expenses which I've recently incurred which
have not been compensated:
  • Travel to Virginia to give pipeline presentation ($110)
  • Camera Light purchased for #WASL fundraiser ($195)
  • Gas driving to many events: ($thousands)
I would be extremely grateful if you could help.
Send donations in any amount to:

Bill Huston, c/o O2E-TV
PO Box 22
Endicott NY 13761

Paypal donations also accepted. Visit Paypal use:
or just click the Donate Button:

I can provide special "thank you" gifts
(DVDs, audio CD's, or original photography/art)
for donations of $100 or more. 

If you would like a special "thank you" gift,
email me:

NOTE: If I can raise MORE than $1,500, it will help fund my ability to take off more time and complete my FERC video, and other activist work.



Barbara said...

Do you have online setup for a donation?

Bill Huston said...

Unfortunately, not at this time.
Let me look into it.

Rachel Treichler said...

You could set up something on Indiegogo or a similar site. I think it would result in more donations.