Thursday, October 3, 2019

BH 911 ... out of money/time/hope ... I need urgent help

  • BH is having an emotional breakdown
  • BH is facing numerous threats to his life and reputation
  • BH needs to raise ~$5k urgently
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Dear Friends and Donors--
First I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me over the years.
Either financially, or shared my videos or blog posts, or just given me encouragement
and moral support.
I have been sitting in front of my computer crying uncontrollably for the last 30 min.
Trying to find a way to say something to you all.
I urgently need about $5,000 in order to keep doing this work.
If I don't raise at least $1,400, I will be evicted and HOMELESS on Oct 9th.
This is less than 1 week.

The breakdown is as follows. I need about $2,235 for basic living
expenses, and $2,634 in program expenses.

Program? Basic Living?

VPS $44 Y
phone $70 1/2 1/2
Food/Groceries $200
past due rent $600
Moving $1,400
Project completion $2,500 Y

total $4,854 $2,614 $2,235
I cannot imagine how I can raise this much money in this amount of time.
So, I sit here, and I cry.

I wake up crying. I fall asleep crying.
I am full of fear and dread.
I can't think what I should be doing.

  • I was recently made a member of the Damascus Citizens for Sustainability Steering Committee.
    THANK YOU to Barbara Arrindell, one of my greatest friends and supporters.

  • My research into the Merrimack Valley Gas Disaster was cited in the Gas Leak Allies report,
    "Rolling the Dice: Assessment of Gas System Safety in Massachusetts"
  • I was interviewed by the Cooperstown Freeman's Journal / Hometown Oneonta about the recent fatal crash of an XNG truck in Fenton. (I am subject matter expert in these Ultra-High-Pressure CNG "Virtual Pipeline" Tube-Trailers, aka. #BombTrucks)
Recent videos:
I have a VERY SERIOUS pending legal matter
which I am lucky to have a very good attorney, (pro bono).
But I am prohibited from speaking about it other than this:
Hi, some of you may know I was scheduled to appear in Broome County Supreme court on October 11 in an action filed by Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation, and its subsidiary Gassearch Drilling Services Corporation to compel my being deposed in Cabot's Pennsylvania.action against Ray Kemble.

I want to report that I am being represented in this matter by attorney Rachel Treichler, and that the October 11 hearing date has been adjourned.  A new hearing date has not yet been set.

Many thanks to my friends and supporters during this very challenging time in my life.
I have been personally attacked, blocked, banned, censored, betrayed, malaigned, slandered, abused and/or abandoned by SO MANY GROUPS!!!
including (for example) No Fracked Gas Cayuga, who USED MY DATA on the safety
of Virtual Pipeline #BombTrucks in the Tompkins County "Strongly Worded Resoultion"
used to defeat the power plant, WITHOUT CREDIT, as they
a) blocked me from participating in 3 public events on a topic where I am subject matter expert
b) presented MY DATA AS THEIR OWN while getting important details wrong,
c) when I tried to negotiate in good faith some remedy, like civilized adults do, I WAS ISSUED A LEGAL THREAT FOR MENACING!!!!! (Bullshit. I will show you all the emails)
I am NOT suicidal.
I want to live.
I have much more work I want to do.

I am at my WITS END and am considering DRASTIC ACTION
like getting on my bicycle and riding into the woods and
I am out of options, time, money, and hope.
I'm looking for homeless shelters now.

Here is a summary of my public-service work highlights over the last 10 years:

If you can contribute, I am greatly appreciative:
USPS: Wm Huston, PO Box 22, Endicott NY 13761
If you know of a place with a room where I can crash
long/short term in Endicott / Vestal / JC / Union,
please let me know.


THANK YOU to anyone who cares about me.
God bless you to everyone who has helped me
or offered moral support, or just appreciation.


William Huston:
Binghamton NY

Public Service Mapping / Videography / Research / Education / Safety Advocacy
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