Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is the Wisdom of Yoga Contained in the Yoga Sutras? Or is it an added layer?

Dear friends,

I have a question for those of you
who have studied the Sutras:

I am really getting blown away by Raja yoga!
As my understanding of it grows,
I marvel at the genius of it,
the beauty, perfection, and completeness of it!

I am astonished and delighted
by the profound healing effect
just a year-long practice has had upon
my body and spirit.

But something strange struck me!

The Sutras themselves seem to be
rather vague and incomplete
when compared to the marvelous commentary
which exists, e.g., that of Bernard Bouanchaud, SwamiJ,
Osho, Richard Freeman, Alan Watts, etc.

It suddenly seems to me
this beautiful thing we call Raja yoga
may exist as a layer of added commentary
on top of the sutras themselves,
and not necessarily contained fully in the Sutras themselves!

Have any of you pondered this question before?

What is the connection between the simple Sutras
and the complex tapestry of the added commentary?

Is it perhaps a) that as my mastery and understanding
of the subtleties of Sanskrit grows that
I will realize that the information *is* fully contained in the Sutras?
or is it b) something even stranger?

When I read a concise listing of the Sutras themselves
as in The Essence of Yoga (the Bouanchaud book) --
it's just 12 pages!!! -- and think about the complex system
of Raja Yoga itself which is produced by the Sutras,

I think perhaps the Sutras are a simple code, which,
when fully understood by humans,
produces a most complex thing,
the way a simple code like DNA
produces complex human bodies.


Bill Huston
Binghamton NY
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