Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I saw an old friend... in an Alex Jones video!

Wow, this is so weird!

I was hanging out w/Kevin the other night
burning some Alex Jones videos to DVD.

So I went home and decided to re-watch
"9-11 Road to Tyranny", which was probably
AJ's first big hit. 

(I think AJ has done some great research,
and is a great video producer, but he's a little
too fear-based for my preference now...)


About 1/2 way through the film, I see a segment
shot from a helicopter, of a guy in Albuquerque
being attacked by police dogs. 

AJ says, "this is one of my radio listeners,
Farrell Montgomery".

My jaw about dropped!
I've watched that video a dozen times before,
and never heard this. I know that guy!!!

In 1997 I was living in the northern Chicago
suburbs, doing a ton of work in public access...
mostly as crew for other people's shows.
Getting my technical chops up...

Then, the news media started reporting
about a siege about 4 hours south,
in a tiny rural farming town called Roby.
A 50-something widow was involved in
a stand-off with the police. They said she
was mentally imbalanced, and that
she was "holed up in her compound".

This was similar language to that used
at Waco TX, and Ruby Ridge, and we all know
how those ended... in flames and death.

The police had turned off her water
and electricity, they wouldn't let food
or other supplies in, they shot her with
"non-lethal bean-bags" and tear gas.
But she lived on canned food, covered
her face with vaseline and rags, and was
able to hold her ground for four weeks!!!
against an assault by about 50 IL State Police.

My independent-media mind was telling me
that something wasn't right about how the
media was reporting this story, so I decided
to go to Roby with a video camera to find
out what it was all about.

It was my first documentary.

I found what I suspected...
that Shirley was perhaps eccentric, but very smart and NOT crazy,
that the siege was an illegitimate police action,
and the local people were 90% in favor of her.

Anyway, it was there that I met an amazing guy
named Farrell Montgomery. His 20 year old
camper conversion van was parked in a nearby
cornfield, along with others (mostly from the militia, libertarian,
and patriot movements) who came from all over the
region and country (one guy came from Ohio) to be observers.
Farrell was flying an American Flag upside down
(means "distress! call for help") and a black
POW/MIA flag.

When I asked him why he was flying the POW flag,
he said this:

"If they are violating their oath to uphold the
Constitution, then they commit an act of treason.
If they use weapons and violence to commit treason, then
they commit an act of war. If she is held captive by
an act of war, then she is a Prisoner of War"

Farrell is a constitutional patriot with great knowledge
of the law.  I spent an amazing two days there
and learned so much. I was also scared shitless
when (as I tried to get close to a police barricade)
the police came after ME.

Anyway, I was able to find Farrell on the internet,
and we just talked on the phone. Meeting this
guy had a profound impact on me, and I'm
really grateful to reconnect with him.

Farrell is also quoted in the beginning of this document:

I just wanted to share w/you my joy,
reconnecting w/an old friend.


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Binghamton NY
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