Saturday, January 31, 2009

Your happiness is up to YOU!

You all can try to trivialize this
by saying it is "just semantics".
But this is very powerful stuff.

I would suggest you look into the work of
Alfred Korzybski, who worked in the area of General Semantics.
And Benjamin Lee Whorf in the field of Meta-linguistics.

What did they all discover?
The structures of our language
in major way define our reality!!!

Marshall Rosenberg's system is about bringing about
a non-violent world through language.

Louise Hay has shown how we can curse ourselves with disease
by our thoughts and language
, and
we can also heal ourselves with thoughts/language too!.

This is powerful stuff!

Ed, we all live in society together.
And we all have needs.
And we can all work in service of each other
to help others get their needs met.

And this work is fun and joyfull,
especially when we see how much joy someone gets
by having their needs met.

Now here is a truth:
We are all 100% in charge of our own happiness!

This is the central message of Buddhism.
It's is true, and the technique/practice works.

To think: "My happiness is dependent upon this other person",
or "I am committed to making this other person happy"...
these are dangerous lies which will bring suffering to many people
including yourself.

No person can make another person happy!

This is a faulty mental construct which we've been
carrying around for 500 perhaps 8,000 years.
This idea is false, and does not serve life.
It should be discarded.

If there is anyone reading this who is unhappy
who doubts what I am saying,
I would direct you to the March meeting of the
Binghamton Spirituality, Empowerment and Wellness Bookclub
where we will be discussing Against the Stream by Noah Levine.

Hope this helps,

Bill Huston
Binghamton NY
607-321-7846 c

email:  WilliamAHuston at gmail

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