Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Do you know someone who is suffering?

Do you know someone who is suffering?
Do you want peace in your life, and in the world?

This is still time (10 days left!) to get down to River Read Books in Downtown Binghamton and pick up a copy of the Spirituality, Empowerment, and Wellness Bookclub's March selection:

Against the Stream
,  by Noah Levine
(If you are poor, check the library, or chip in with a couple of friends and purchase+share one copy!)

This book is Buddhism 101, and is accessible to everyone, from the perspective of the founder of the Dharma Punx movement. Life of the Buddha, Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Path, Five Hindrances: all of the basic stories are there. Important concepts like Suffering, Meditation, Equanimity, Attachment, Loving Kindness, Forgiveness receive nice treatment. Even topics like sexuality and addiction are looked at from the perspective of this "science of mind" (as SN Goenka calls it).

To get a feel for Noah's teaching style, be sure to check out Noah's excellent (and free!) Dharma talks online here:

Now forget everything you've heard about Buddhism being a religion!! There is no deity to pray to, no dogma which requires blind faith. It is perfectly logical, rational, and scientific. It is based on your experience of truth (not what someone tells you). The Buddha said, "Don't just believe me or any of your teachers!! JUST TRY IT and see for yourself!"
  • Buddhism is a technology for creating peace:
    both inner peace, and world peace.

  • Buddhism is a technique (and a practice) to reduce suffering.
So, if you are suffering, from disease, depression, worry, fear, addiction, emotional drama, self-esteem, or other affliction, please consider reading this book, and attending our next meeting:

Spirituality, Empowerment and Wellness Bookclub
Saturday, March 7th, at 11am (.....note time change!)
River Read Books,
5 Court Street, Downtown Binghamton.

607 217-7292

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We are also forming a new meditation group,
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There is also another local Buddhist meetup group,
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