Friday, February 27, 2009

Re: WHRW: Cease and Desist

Mike Saltzman,

Let's be clear:

You have no power over me.
You have no legitimacy
    to ban me, to grade my work,
    or to pronounce judgment over me.

There is no threat, faux pas, belch, declaration,
     stench, rude gesture, burp, ritual, promise,
     gesticulation, or funny noise you can make
     which will affect my happiness!

This little engagement is over.
I am free!

I presently have creative endeavors
   to apply my energies towards.

There is nothing you can do or say
  which will affect the creative potential
   in this moment.

May all beings be happy!

Including you miserable lot!
Ava Robert Mike Francine Darin

May God help you
by granting you the gift
of universal love compassion and happiness
and wisdom to know
that this is a choice
we all are free to make.


On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 10:57 PM, Mike Saltzman <> wrote:
Dear Mr. Huston,

I was recently alerted to the fact that you have begun calling WHRW with the goal of being placed on-air remotely via the phone. Just to clarify and reiterate the board's last email; the board's indefinite "Persona Non Grata" status with you means you are not permitted to be in our studios, attend our events or be broadcasted via our station (whether locally, remotely or via a recording of any kind). Mr. Huston, I know that you are unhappy with your status with our radio station, but I must politely insist that you respect the wishes of our organization and cease and desist efforts to be placed on air at WHRW.

Thank you and once again, and I wish you the best luck with your future endeavors,

Mike Saltzman
WHRW General Manager

Bill Huston
Binghamton NY
607-321-7846 c

email:  WilliamAHuston at gmail

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