Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jack, George, Jim, and Ann

Jack Gilroy,
George Haeseler,
Jim and Ann Clune:

It seems like I have put you all on the radio,
when you had something to say to the community.

In Sept, I have had my clearance at WHRW revoked
for no good reason.

They said I failed to demonstrate
technical competency and also
failed to demonstrate knowledge of
FCC rules.

Is there anyone on this list
who doubts my technical competency
or knowledge of communication law?

Get this:
As a six-year veteran,
I qualify for an exemption from taking the test!

Yet, the GM required me to take the test
apparently just to flunk me!

Jack, George, Jim, and Ann
WHAT SAY YOU about this?

I have asked the Ombudsman for help
in mediating this conflict, and she has refused.
She is a public officer working for a State University!!!

When I asked "Why won't you help me, serve me?"
Francine Montemurro, the BU Ombudsman
has threatened me with arrest for harassment.

Jack, George, Jim, and Ann
WHAT SAY YOU about this?

I am looking for community support please.

Now I have asked for a public affairs show.
One does not need a clearance for this.

Mike Saltzman, the WHRW GM again has refused!
He said I refused to follow the rules.
It's a complete lie!!!
Despite some ridiculous rules,
I have NEVER have been found in
violation of any legitimate rule.

Jack, George, Jim, and Ann
WHAT SAY YOU about this?

Does the conflict have to be >3,000 miles away
for it to matter?

Or is it OK, because MY rights don't matter?
Bill Huston is a know leper, an Untouchable.
Bill Huston has been cast out and does not deserve basic rights?

And maybe Bill Huston should be put in jail
or locked up in a mental ward?

Because that is what I am being threatened with.

Jack, George, Jim, and Ann
WHAT SAY YOU about this?

And if not you, can I get 5 people
to go with me on campus and
occupy the station?  3 people?
How about just one?

Kevin? Fr. Tim? Wilton? Tarik?
Mik? Ben? Andrew?

Yes, I am apparently The Banished One.
As I work for community media and public access media
has it become acceptable to censor me!??

Speak up my friends.
How do you feel about this?

Bill Huston
Binghamton NY
607-321-7846 c

email:  WilliamAHuston at gmail

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