Tuesday, May 19, 2009

GOD is... (or, We are, I am, etc.)

I wrote this in the car
while driving to NJ this weekend...
(one line is lifted from a Bill Hicks routine)

(God is, Experience is, We are, I am...)

ONE thing
appearing as many,
one experience,
with many eyes,
experiencing itself subjectively,
eternal and undying,
constantly changing,
with self awareness,
and conscious choice:

love or fear -- happiness or suffering,

in order to have a dance,
to play a game,
to fall in love,
and watch it too,
to tell a story
to have a drama,
to hold a dream,
to breathe a breath of air
to taste a sip of precious nectar.

Life is beautiful!
and so are YOU!
filled with magic and mystery,
we are each aspects of God, Divine!

We each reflect each other,
embrace each other,
contain each other
become each other,

God is love.

Bill Huston
Binghamton NY
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