Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Are you miserable? Are you missing your life?

I have encountered many Greens, Progressives, Peaceniks
who are well-intentioned,  but really miserable,
often complaining about something,

...corporations, Monsanto, politicians, Global Warming...

Or, people worrying about the future,
or living in regrets about the past.
Or worrying about what others are saying about them.
or obsessed by thoughts of failure and hopelessness and self-pity

Are you missing your life?

Watch this: called "Eckhart Tolle: Uncut Interview, Part 3"
from Canadian Broadcasting Company:

I find this clip consistent with several disciplines
I have been studying. Eckhart says in this clip
he is attempting to describe a single universal truth
with is at the core of all religions.

(This statement reminds me of goals of
Joseph Campbell, Houston Smith, and Helena Blavatsky)

If you want peace in the world,
and if you want to find personal happiness,
but have found other methods ineffective
(voting, demonstrations, lawsuits, blogging, petitions, ...)
check this clip on "the power of now"...

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