Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Re: [PEACENET] Fwd: Drilling Disasters Can't Happen Here


Thanks for making a connection
between the environment and peace.

Because if all humans are dead
and the earth is dead
war v. peace will be irrelevant.

I hope people leave leave the Rs and the Ds in droves

Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats
have done much substantial for peace or the environment!

We gotta try something REALLY different, folks!

Here in NY, we have two strong Green candidates already!
Howie Hawkins (a labor leader from Syracuse) for Governor,
and local Cecile Lawrence (whom many of you know) for NY State Senator.

With rare exceptions like D-Maurice Hinchey (and a few others)
and R-Ron Paul (and a few others),

our reps from BOTH PARTIES
have sold out our country,
sold out workers, allowed many factories to close and leave the country
sold out the environment -- we need the earth to live, folks!
allowed children to be directly marked-to
then sent them off to war
sold our families into bondage
with 30 year mortgages of compound interest loans.
defunded public education, libraries,
defunded educational broadcasting and public access media,

the Rs and Ds both have
allowed the ultra rich class
to hide behind Charted Corporations,
allow these legal fictions to gain the
legal rights of persons,
and enclose every square millimeter of the commons,
and charge us rent to access that which we own.

Sorry, that's MESSED UP PEOPLE!
How did this happen?
While we were all napping?

Well it's time to WAKE UP
it's time to become a STEWARD OF THE EARTH

In case you haven't noticed,
the Earth is in serious jeopardy of Dying.
We all need to reboot, reset,
we need to question every assumption.
We need to start over.

I like to say: Change the Frame.

It is time for all people which eyes which see
and hearts with compassion for any living being
to get active and make small and large changes
in how we are eating, living, and conducting business.

I hope all of you decide this year to
Vote for a political party which repents your values,
and vote for candidates which represent your values!

On Tue, May 25, 2010 at 8:06 PM, John Gilroy <jgilroy1@stny.rr.com> wrote:
Rema and Eric Loeb have been the voices crying in the wilderness of neighboring acreage owners screaming: drill baby drill! Their determination to expose the dangers of drilling in the Marcellus Shale region has no equal other than Tom Wilber of the Press/Sun Bulletin. And Tom is being paid for his work, as good as it may be.
Please check out below the Ithaca College based fairness and accuracy in the media called FAIR. Few studies of the hype and lies of American media can match the good work going on just north of us here in the Southern Tier. Rema and Eric must feel some consolation in their hard work when they read the misguided comments of national leaders and/or people with their hands in the cash register.
But neither of them are "I told you so" types.

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