Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Binghamton Police Contract with Reality TV-Show to Film Arrests

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Re-published, from Andrew Epstein:

Attached is the two-page contract between the Binghamton Police Department and Cineflix, Inc. - parent company of a new reality-show called "Campus PD" which documents college town police manhandling drunken students and other antics to be viewed by a consuming public.

The going rate for further degrading the trust between the police and the community: $2,000.

That's how much the company paid the cops.

Meanwhile, the film crew uses particularly nefarious tactics: they enter the "scene" with giant signs informing people that their very presence implies consent to be filmed and broadcast on cable TV.

The voyeurism inherent in such an exploit is in stark contrast to a recent incident where Binghamton police assaulted a black man and his girlfriend outside the Manley's Gas Station on Clinton St, deploying tasers and batons - only to "lose" the surveillance footage of the beating. Sadly, no film crew was present.

In the next issue of the People's Press (coming out in a few weeks), I'll have a longer article the situation and what it says about policing in the 21st century.

But I wanted to start spreading the word.

If you'd like that $2,000 donated to a non-profit that deals with victims of police brutality - or perhaps the ACLU - feel free to call Mayor Matt Ryan, who's signature is at the bottom of the contract, or Chief Zikuksi who has not returned phone calls to his office.

Andrew Epstein

OMG, this is the same guy!!!

(isn't heavy irony a sign of an impending software crash of the Matrix?)

OK, it's time to have a discussion of the Fourth Amendment, and Civilian Review Boards.

Every other branch of the government has a body of the people for oversight.
The Legislature is directly elected by the people, representatives for the people.
The Judiciary is appointed, but we still have juries.

The police are an Executive-branch function. Where is the civilian oversight?

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