Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Art of Living / Meditation seminary in Vestal Saturday

This was sent to me by someone in my Bhagavad Gita study group.
I was asked to pass this on.
I will probably go to this...

MIND AND Meditation Seminar
Introduction to the Art of Living
June 5th, 2-4 P.M.
Vestal Library
320 Vestal Pkwy East
Vestal, NY 13850

The mind is man's best friend and worst enemy – It's the birthplace of creativity, but also the source of our anxiety, and can be hard to handle.

Come learn some ancient techniques to handle the mind and unlock the full potential of your life. Mastery over the mind brings greater focus, peace, and joy.

Join this 1 hour workshop to learn the Art of Living, sponsored by the Art of Living Foundation, which offers programs in 150 countries.

William Huston
Binghamton NY Phone: 607-321-7846

Binghamton-area discussion; spirituality topics:
Binghamton Public Access TV is Open-To-Everyone!

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