Tuesday, June 29, 2010

July SEW Book Selection.

http://www.exoticindiaart.com/books/selfknowledge_of_sri_sankaracarya_shankaracharya_ide165.jpgNote: WE WILL NOT BE MEETING JULY 4!!

Next meeting Sunday July 11 at 1pm River Read Books

For July, The SEW Bookclub will be reading
Atma Bodha ("Self-Knowledge") by Shankara
(aka, Sri Adi Shankaracharya and other variations)

This book was written 1,200 years ago
and is one of the most succinct tellings
of the most sublime and esoteric wisdom tradition
of India: Vedanta (The End of Knowledge).

This book is very simple, and very short,
and is for the pursuit of Moksha,
freedom for all suffering.

Some prior spiritual practice, such as Yoga, or Buddhist meditation is very helpful in preparation for understanding the material in this book. (Shankara says on the first page that it is required for understanding this short book! We want to encourage seekers at all levels to read this book)

The book is $12.50 and will be at River Read Books next week.
This book was a special order from India, and is very difficult to find in the States!

If you can't wait, here are a couple of free translations:
Notice that it is just 66 lines!

For the video inclined,
here are a set of 5 videos... no need to watch them
all or in order. Just pick one...

I love Swami Ishwarananda's presentation, and voice.
He also chants the verses in Sanskrit.

Discourses on Atma Bodha- (Day 1 14-Dec-2007) by Swami Ishwarananda at Chinmaya Mission DFW

Discourses on Atma Bodha- (Day 2 14-Dec-2007) by Swami Ishwarananda at Chinmaya Mission DFW

Discourses on Atma Bodha- (Day 3 14-Dec-2007) by Swami Ishwarananda at Chinmaya Mission DFW

Discourses on Atma Bodha- (Day 4 14-Dec-2007) by Swami Ishwarananda at Chinmaya Mission DFW

Discourses on Atma Bodha- (Day 5 14-Dec-2007) by Swami Ishwarananda at Chinmaya Mission DFW

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