Saturday, August 7, 2010

SEW Bookclub takes a vacation in Aug.

Hi everyone, for the short notice... 
I've decided to give the SEW bookclub a rest for Aug,
and take a little time off.

This will give all of us some time to enjoy the rest of summer. We are reading The Essential Marcus Aurelius, (in stock at River Read Books) if you are interested....

This is a book written by the Roman emperor and student of the Greek Stocism.

Stocism can be translated as "indifference" or "apetheia", a state of mind free from emotional disturbances.

This concept is very similar to Equanimity, which is from
both Buddhism and Yoga. In Kabbalah, the same
concept is present, called hishtavut -השתוות.

The Buddha said,
Desirable things don't charm the mind, undesirable ones bring no resistance. the rest of the summer!
See you in Sept.


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