Thursday, November 11, 2010

When you talk to your County Legislator, Focus on Segmentation:

Please read this:
County Legislator Mario Nirchi says the generic lease with the negative declaration is Segmentation and the basis of a lawsuit.

From the article... QUOTE: Helen Slottje, an Ithaca-based attorney for the Community Environmental Defense Council, said "Our position is that the segmentation that Broome County is proposing completely violates both the express terms and the intent of the SEQR process. They are trying to limit their analysis to the environmental impact of signing a piece of paper." END QUOTE

From Tarik Abdelazim, Department of Planning, Housing, & Community Development
QUOTE: "[T]he County's use of segmentation is creative.... By segmenting the legislative action of generating a generic lease, from the actual industrial activities that the lease allows, the County prepared a long EAF and issued a negative declaration. Basically, the County decided on an approach that limits the SEQR process to ink on a piece of paper.

There seems to be some confusion about what this is all about even among the legislators.

I talked w/someone today from Oquagua who thinks this is legal funny business in order to
allow leasing on county (public) land without any further environmental review.

We need to

Please read this for information about how to contact your legislator:

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