Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Yoga of Activism

Are you feeling really sad, angry, or afraid right now?
Do you see this as an urgent situation?

Do you just want to pack up and leave?
Just call it quits?

Please try to remember this:

The Elders have taught us this truth:
This world is really Maya (illusion)
This is all a dream in the mind of God.
And it is all Perfect!

"We are all One Consciousness,
experiencing itself subjectively.
There is no such thing as death,
Life is only a dream,
   and we are the imagination of ourselves."
         -- (Rishi) Bill Hicks

We do have some control over the dream.
This might be called the power to create miracles
simply from mind. 

Since all of experience originates in mind,
this should not be surprising,
that an adept can use the power of mind
to shape the reality.

You can have a dream where you can
desire and ice-cream cone
and be denied of it, causing suffering.

Or, with practice, you can manifest your desire,
in the dream.

These are called siddhis in the yoga tradition,
special powers.

The point is not to develop lust for special powers.
This will surely take you deeper into Samsaric (Hell) Realms.

The point is to show you
that the source of your anger, fear, or sadness,
lies in the world of masks and illusion.

Lucid dreaming is analogous to Yogic flying.

Yogis don't really levitate!
That is a misnomer.

Yogic Flying means, for a master
life becomes easy and fun!

With sufficient effort, anyone can gain
a greater mastery of life and experience.

If your life does not seem easy or fun now,
this is a call for a greater level of practice.
For many people, a teacher plays an important role.

Our choices in each moment
affect the outcome.

Let no man steal your joy!
Let no man steal your power.
Let no man steal your freedom.
Let no man steal your truth.

Be Here Now.

Occupy your experience fully:
body, breath, perceptions,
emotions, thoughts, energy,
affect, impulses.

Observe & Allow, without naming,
without acting, without judgment.

Let the monkey (mind) rest.

This is meditation.

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