Thursday, December 2, 2010

Call for support in Bradford County PA (Towanda Dec 9, 7pm)

I think we all should start paying more attention
to the situation in Bradford County.

I have heard the situation there is very bad.
Maybe like 10 Dimocks.

So this is a call for support.
Public event in Towanda Dec 9, 7pm.

Let's go and check it out,
and keep an open mind,
and find out from the people there
how bad the situation there is.

My God, I am feeling so sick and sad over this.
My family is from that area.
The water there is the best I have ever tasted.
That place is so beautiful.
Like every place on Earth.

We should lend our solidarity to these people.

WVIA to broadcast Marcellus Shale program

live from Towanda's Keystone Theatre


Boom Town Towanda
This regards a live television program WVIA will do on December 9th at 7PM from the Keystone Theater in downtown Towanda. "Live From Boom Town Towanda" will deal with Marcellus Shale and its impacts on Bradford County 's seat
of government in a lovely region known as the Endless Mountains .

We are pursuing as guests advocates and opponents representing landowners,
the drilling industry, business and government. Seats in the theater are being reserved now and we will allow the public to speak. WVIA is collaborating with the Towanda Daily Review, a Shamrock Communications newspaper.

Questions, ideas, concerns, please reply to Kathryn Davies, Producer, at
570-602-1150 or

Thank you,

Bill Kelly
President and CEO
100 WVIA Way
Pittston, Pa. 18640


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Binghamton NY             Phone: 607-321-7846

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