Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Choose your thoughts and words carefully, folks!


Hey everyone,
especially any people who are feeling angry, sad, or afraid,
with thoughts of powerlessness...

Please realize this POWERFUL metaphysical secret,
which I offer freely with the intention of being helpful:

We create our own reality!
And it starts with what we SAY!

Here's how it works:

  1. First, we must realize
    that mostly, what we think is real,
    is actually NOT in the realm of TRUTH
    but is actually in the realm of BELIEF.

    There is incredible power to be found
    when one fully realizes this!

    The root of all experience is not physical,
    but mind.

    There is no "out there" out there!
    -- Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, physicist

  2. At a gross level, our normal waking consciousness
    is a witness of our experience
    through a dirty lens of "mental coloration"
    of arbitrary Names, and Forms which follow, which lead to
    and Dislikes (Preferences and Judgments_,
    which lead to Cravings and Aversion which lead to
    only Temporary Happiness and Much Suffering
    experienced by many.

    Yoga is the Cessation of Mental Colorations
    -- Patanjali, Yoga Sutras 1.2

  3. We are trained our entire lives
    to get lost in an invented, pretend, fictional, made-up world of judgments.
    This is our first mistake.

    Then we make a second error:
    We then believe that our judgments are real.

    Spiritual practice is largely self-control of the mind.
    With practice, we can learn to control our own mind.
    To see that our JUDGMENTS are JUDGMENTS,
    that JUDGMENTS exist in MIND ONLY
    and that our JUDGMENTS are NOT REALITY.

    REALITY is what we see without colorations of mind.

  4. So, the first step is to learn how to see what is really there,
    without the mental coloration of mind.

    The one proven method for this is called Vipassana technique,
    perfected by Siddhartha Gotama about 4,000 years ago.
    There are many great modern teachers, including SN Goenka:

    There are also many qualified people in the area
    who teach you the Dhyana Yoga technique (Samadhi)
    also called Eight Limbs of Patanjli.

    There are also two Buddhist Sanghas which offer and teach meditation.
    Contact me if you want recommendations.

  5. The next thing to do is to choose our words and thoughts very carefully
    to be in alignment with our core values:
    a: Compassion
    and b: Truth.

When we hear:
"activists getting deperate and loosing focus"
(spelling as original)

We must ask:

Is it really true?
Does is it really "out there"? Or is it just a judgment which exists only a product of mind?

Is it a mental projection which is given life
by breathing these words?

Words are extremely powerful and creative!

If you say it, it gains life. If you believe it, it gains life.
If you dwell upon it, it gains life.

When we hear:
"Anti gas drilling activists screwing up"

We should ask,
What purpose does this serve?
Does it serve life?
Doe it build compassion and community?
Or does it spread judgments, anger, fear, and division?

What we see is what we get!!
What we say is what we see.

So we first have to ask ourselves:
What is it that we really want?
We choose what we say!
We also largely-- and mostly unconsciously--
choose what we see in how our mind
assigns names
to things.

Sanskrit may be the oldest human language.
It is very precise and complete.
Some say that Sanskrit was given to humankind
by the Supreme Lord God.

Sanskrit is a very beautiful language,
the sacred texts are very often chanted.
The information there is very helpful
for relieveing the problem of human suffering.

In Sanskrit, they say: nama rupa,
and Form.
These are bound together, inseperable!

If you name it, it takes form.
Naming occurs in the mind.
Form is external to mind!
(or is it....?)

Also the Sanskrit word for Knowledge or Wisdom: Vidya
is the same word from which we derive VISION.

Do you see how our own language
suggests what we see is what we know?

Most of us do not dispute that
We have a lot of freedom
in what we can choose to say.
I would say 100% freedom.

Yes, there is coercion.
Coercive force is a little game we play which requires two players,
a Victim and a Villain.

Coercion does not destroy Freedom.
The root of Freedom exists in Mind.
Mind does not exist within the physical wold, and is therefore, unbounded.
So we must ask ourselves, "Do I want to play a game?"
of suffering, powerlessness, and victimization?
It is fine if you do :)
We all have played this game :)

We also have total freedom in what we choose to consider.
We are free in what we choose to think about, at every moment.
Consider means, we are free to "look at" (focus on)
anything in our sense field, or any idea in our mind.

The root of freedom is in the mind.
There is great power in knowing this.

What we think about is what we dwell upon,
as our house is something we choose to dwell within.

In this way, our thoughts construct the frame
of the house in which we live.

So do we choose to live in "hell house"
or the "garden of bliss"?
This is apparenlty, a choice! Our choice!

We think this is not a choice.
We think our experience is determined by external circumstance,
and we think our happiness is determined by external circumstance.

And we are all free to believe this.
This is also a choice.
And then our suffering can always be blamed upon others.
And we can suffer for 10,000 lifetimes,
if this is what we desire.

Then, we can realize the truth.

To "realize" something is to think or consider,
and also to make it real.

Realize the truth of our own beauty, perfection, and Divine Essence!

When we realize the truth,
that our consciousness of the One God, dreaming,
when we realize that we create our own reality,
our bondage vanishes!
(in a holy instant)

There may be physical pain, and unpleasant thoughts and emotions, yes.
But no human can truely take away our freedom or happiness.

So, given all of this freedom,
What do you choose to see?
What do we choose to say?

Remember the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters?

Choose your thoughts and words very carefully, folks!!
PS: for those folks in Binghamton area,
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We are currently reading
Zen and the Art of Happiness,
by Chris Prentiss.

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we begin with 10 min at each meeting.

All the Best to Everyone,

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