Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New video, environmental themed. COPIES FREE for your group!


Sorry for the cross posting,
but I think this is important information.

I've just made a new video, which is environmentally-themed,

but the focus is instead on the Media, Corporate Personhood,
The Commons, Democracy,
and Property & Capitalism.

In this presentation, we dive deeply into
First Principles.

I think (and hope!) it is humorous, entertaining, and educational.

There are several ways you can watch this:

1: You can watch it online:

2: If you live in Binghamton-area, and get cable TV through Time Warner,
you can watch it on channel 4 for the next couple of weeks
at the following times: Fridays 10pm-11 or 11pm-midnight,
or Saturdays 6pm-7, or 7pm-8.

3: I will make copies for your group free. Just tell me how
many you want (and can reasonably use).
I am personally underwriting the costs of duplication.
(Please allow me a couple of weeks to fulfill your order)

If you have a non-profit environmental group, feel free
to accept donations for the disks.

At 53 min. I know this is longish.
If you can't commit to that much time,
please just try to watch the first 16 min,

through the Terrance McKenna quote.

I made this video because many activists are involved
in various environmental issues,
(like hydrofracking..., Tar Sands, BP Gulf spill, etc)

HOWEVER, in order to make the (necessary)
big difference we need n the world today,
we really need to look at the root causes.

If you like this video, there are a couple of things
you can do to help.

1) Make a donation to O2E-TV: PO Box 2873, Binghamton NY.
2) Order some free DVDs and pass them out.
3) Send this note to related groups.
4) Host a screening for your group
5) Post the video link on Facebook: http://vimeo.com/24075810
6) Tell someone to watch it on Public Access on Fri or Sat....
7) Make a donation to the Park Foundation.
(while I received no funds from them for this project,
they are funding really good things!)
... etc...

Also, I am committed to making this presentation
as useful and powerful as possible
. So if you
have any suggestions about how to improve it,
please let me know.

Thanks for you time!

William Huston WilliamAHuston@gmail.com
Binghamton NY Phone: 607-321-7846

Bio: http://binghamtonpmc.org/bio.html
Blog: http://WilliamAHuston.blogspot.com

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