Sunday, May 22, 2011

FOIL REQUEST re: FCC complaint 10-C00246669

TO: William Lake, FCC MB chief
TO: Barbara Kreisman, Video Division

From: William Huston
Re: FCC complaint 10-C00246669
Date: 23 May 2011

Dear Mr. Lake and Ms. Kreisman,

Last year in Sept 2010, I made a complaint to the FCC about
TV licensee WBNG, owned by Granite Broadcasting,
about a show called "Marcellus Shale Voices" which
they aired without sponsorship identification,
in violation of 47 CFR 73.1212(a)(1,2), and
47 USC § 317.

The program was also deceptive in the following ways:

  1. A consultant for the gas industry was identified as an "Environmental Consultant".
  2. The VP of the Joint Landowner's Coalition of NY (JLCNY) was identified as a "photographer".
  3. The interview was shot in WBNG studios, using standard graphics, which gives this program
    the look and feel of a WBNG public affairs segment which normally air during the news.
  4. The program was promoted during their news segment as if it were a neutral public affairs segment,
    not as a commercial for the gas industry.

This program was highly politically charged,
as it was clearly pro-drilling for natural gas
in the Marcellus Shale formation, which many
local citizens are opposed to, as this drilling activity
threatens the drinking water for at least 30 million people.

While the opposition is silenced, the
side with the money is given lots of airtime.

This is not in the public interest.

Please consider this a FOIL request for you
to send me any and all documents regarding
the above referenced case, including documents
which may show of an investigation, or not,
as well as any decision, commentary, or
recommendation by FCC staff regarding this complaint.

My address is:
Bill Huston
PO Box 2873
Binghamton NY 13902

If you prefer, I would be happy to accept these
forms electronically via email.

Thanks, and Best Regards,

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