Sunday, May 15, 2011

SEW Book Club, today 1pm

Hi everyone & Namaste, those who do not know, one of our regular members
in the book club, Kathleen Parvin has been in the hospital
for about the last 2 weeks. She had emergency surgery,
and is slowly recovering.

May she and all beings be happy and free from suffering.

For anyone who is having a serious health issue right now... 
I would remind of basic Louise Hay:

Ask yourself, does this thing have a big story associated with it?
Be careful, stories are arbitrary.

Try to release all attachment now,
especially attachment to particular stories now,
especially stories of victimization...
or make up a better story!

Also, be mindful of any cravings, attachments, aversions, blaming.
Just breath fully, relax, and let that all go.

Observe and allow.
Practice Gratitude, Repentance, and Forgiveness.

Say "Thank you. I'm sorry. I forgive you."

Start with a mirror.
Say it to yourself.
Then, apply this to all persons in your life,
friends, family, unknown persons,
then enemies, people who have hurt you., we begin a discussion of Carmen Harra's book
The Eleven Eternal Principles.

  1.  The Law of Totality~All people and all creatures are one, united with the divine.

  2. The Law of Karma~What you do and what happens to you is the result of your soul's choice to come to Earth, learning many lessons while you are here.

  3. The Law of Wisdom~Wisdom is knowing what you can and cannot change, accepting those limitations in this reality; and choosing to use your suffering as a tool for learning about yourself and growing spiritually.

  4. The Law of Love~Pure, Unconditional love heals our Karma, and our hatred reminds us of our divine nature.

  5. The Law of Harmony~There is divine order in the universe, and we are meant to be in harmony with everyone and everything.

  6. The Law of Abundance~Abundance is the energy state that manifests material wealth and other, more important forms of wealth.

  7. The Law of Attraction~The universe works with us to bring us what we desire.

  8.  The Law of Evolution~God intends for us to continually evolve to a higher state of consciousness.

  9. The Law of Manifestation~The Power to manifest what we desire is our birthright and we are constantly co-creating reality with the help of the divine.

  10. The Law of Destiny~ We are flawed creatures, driven to unite ourselves with God and end our suffering, choosing to take human form in order to purify our souls, rid ourselves of Karma, and reunite with God for all eternity.

  11. The Law of Nonlocality~We can defy the laws of time and space, and participate in the co-creation of the seemingly impossible.


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