Saturday, June 18, 2011

My exchange with Donna Lupardo (my rep. in the NY Assembly)

This exchange happened on Facebook.

I encourage you to contact your Legislators and let them know
how important this issue is to you.
    • William Huston Sen. Tom Libous (R): "Let's let the DEC do their job." Donna Lupardo (D): "We gotta let the DEC do their job." Dear Donna, what distinguishes you from our friend Tom on the issue of hydrofracking? Thanks!

    • Donna Lupardo The difference is that I am one of the legislators who called for the current moratorium. I have also voted for all of the protective measures that have come through the Assembly's Environmental Conservation Committee this year.

    • William Huston Your record also shows voting against two moratorium bills which would have protected the people, air, water, animals, birds, fish, & quality of life for Seven Generations, etc.

      Many of your constituents are observing this activity is proven harmful. It is *normally* harmful, and potentially, catastrophically.
      You can't rest on your prior laurels while you refuse to act to protect us. Future elections will be won or lost over this issue alone.

      The only people who are profiting from this activity is a few wealthy landowners, and a few businesses (hotels, coffee shops). The rest are either ignorant, or strongly against it.

      A year ago, I observed at the EPA hearings it was consistently 2:1 against. That's 67% to 33%. Since the landowners amount to only about 10%, you can expect, as people become informed, that ratio could grow to 90% against to 10% for.

      A lot of people from Texas are getting rich of Marcellus, and if you read the news, a lot of this gas is targeted for China, Norway, and India.

      So when you vote against moratoriums, can you understand that We the People are beginning to wonder who you represent. Wealth? Class? Power? Foreigners?

      Please Donna.
      Exercise your duty:
      Use your legislative powers to protect us.

      Thank you,
      Bill Huston

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