Monday, June 20, 2011

Fracking by the numbers: A sign of hope!


This is why I think the Gas Drilling Opposition movement will rise to be 90% of the population as people become more informed...

Considering the odds at stake, we may see the following to increase: Media Deception, or if that doesn't work, violent oppression of the opposition. Both of these are to be expected under fascism, which by all indications is where our country has been heading the last 30 years or so...

But when the numbers are 9:1, the 9's are gonna win no matter how much money the 1's have...
And then the real wager is clean water and thus life itself, even some of the 1's are gonna defect...

Class will Eat Itself:

Property is an inherently unstable arrangement.
It is inconstant with an egalitarian democracy.

The class differential at the heart of property
will tend to move towards an even more unstable state
until there is either:

a) extinction of the middle and lower classes
(which is not in the best interest of the upper classes), or

b) a reassertion of the principles of Democracy, and an event
which will tend to equalize wealth and power.

The essence of it:

This diagram represents wealth distribution in the shape of a wine glass:

This chart suggests the top 20% of the world's
population owns 83% of the weatlh. I believe this
is a very conservative estimate.

Other sources suggest the top 10%
controls most
(between 80%-93%) of the wealth

Since property owners are largely the only people
who are profiting from Marcellus Shale
gas drilling...

I thus think it's reasonable to say
the drilling-opposition movement
could rise to as much as 90% of the population
as people become informed.

Throughout the EPA hearings Nov. 2010,
the comments were consistently
67% against drilling vs. 33% for drilling
with an unknown % uninformed.

Figure 1: 67%-33% Pie Chart.
Pro-gas in orange.

That is 2:1 against!

I would say in the eight months since then,
our numbers have at least doubled,
as people have become more informed.
(due to Gasland, and our activist work)

That means today we're at 4:1, perhaps 5:1 against today.

Except this is only amongst the informed.
There is a vast number of uninformed people,
likely approaching 50% (1/2) of the population.
These people are not presently engaged in the struggle.

And as people become informed
and see through the PR bullshit,
our numbers will continue to grow.

All people understand this simple equation:
Figure 2: Water = Life

We can expect as 2:1 grows to 5:1
our numbers will continue to rise to 10:1 against.
And maybe beyond!
Figure 3: This is our real numbers!

Our numbers will be growing.
This is inevitable!

I do not believe ANY public relations campaign
can stop this momentum!

Also since our side values life,
clean air and water,

biological organic organisms (humans)
should (free from outside influence)
tend to be on the side of life.

I believe this Shale-Gas, Tar Sands,
Mountain-Top Removal,
triple threat,

..oh, and let's not forget the Gulf Spill...
this could bring about the End to exploitative Capitalism.


Because it puts out there
front and center for all to see
the fraud that 10% of the people
should make the decisions
about 90% of the people's water.

When the people revolt,
either we will die en mass from starvation,
or state oppression,
or disease, or a toxic environment...

OR.. the people will survive,
and there will be a New Democracy reborn
and the foundational principles re-asserted
that all persons are born of equal right,
and the governments derive their just powers
by the consent of the governed.

and there will be a great reset
and Class Divisions will be reduced
and wealth and political power
will become more evenly distributed.

We must act as if we will survive.
It is the only honorable thing to do.

Many traditions from around the world
have prophesied
that a New Age would arrive
which would mark the end
of the Age of Darkness and Confusion.

I believe this time is coming very soon.

And although there may be some turbulence
as we collectively try to put on the brakes
and prevent this ship from crashing against the rocks,
I believe this is a time of hope...


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