Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A quick word about GASHOLES...

I recommend avoiding demonizing "the enemy",
calling the OTHER nasty names, etc.
at all times.

Many reasons for this.

Ultimately, we are all human beings!
All human beings are deserving of compassion and happiness!

Most important:

Nasty names aren't real,
Nasty names are judgments of mind.
Judgments of mind lack substance -- NOT REAL!

What the mind names,
the eye sees.

What the eye sees,
becomes real.

When you name someone "GASHOLE!!"
(or whatever)
the thing which had not existed
comes into form!

You create the thing that you hate
by naming it!

In Buddhism,
this is called Unskillful Mind.

Mind can be controlled,
with practice, with training.

When the mind is controlled,
the external reality changes!

The true meaning of Yoga is
"mastery over the mind-waves of experience"

This is an ancient truth.

This is some metaphysics for activists.

May this beautiful place be kept clean and green
and beautiful
for 1,000 generations to come.

May our actions always be guided by goal.
May our hearts be filled with universal compassion.

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