Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Dear Facebook Legal--

My account was just banned for 15 days for posting to pages
for allegedly posting "spam and irrelevant content".

There is no basis for this.

Apparently, this, and other forms of censorship are becoming
routing on Facebook, including,

1) Disabling of Groups earlier this year
2) Filtering (censoring) of Newsfeeds
3) Filtering (censoring) of Walls and Pages

Please Cease and Desist all of these forms of filtering and censorship.

Please note that free speech is a fundamental principle in
the United States. Since Facebook is become a pervasive
form of communication for many Americans, you should
abide by American principles.

I am asking for a Congressional investigation into this
and other forms of censorship occurring on your service.

Thanks and Best Regards,
William Huston

William Huston            WilliamAHuston@gmail.com
Binghamton NY             Phone: 607-321-7846

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