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Facebook's spam program catches innocent users via automatic algorithm

On Sun, Aug 21, 2011 at 12:02 AM, Mary Thorpe wrote:
Antifracking activists were caught in the blockage "inadvertently"

Yeah, isn't it interesting the top 5 posters to the GASLAND facebook page were all blocked from posting for 15 days, without warning, and without any appeal process, all within hours of each other.

All just 1 week before a major 2-week long CD action in DC to protest the XL Tar Sands pipeline. All just a few weeks before the SGEIS public comment period beings.

Huh.Yeah: Inadvertant. "We're sorry! Our algorithms got messed up". But the block still exists for most people.

There seem to be two major groups of people affected by this ban.
1: Animal rights activists, and
2: Environmentalists (climate change, and fractivists)

Here's my blog entry about the ban, letter to my Congressman asking for an investigation into facebook censorship.

Since Monday, I have been suspended from posting on any FB "Page", accused of making "spammy or irrelevant posts". But FB is not consistent. In some places, they claim that simply posting "too much" can get one banned (in my case , for 15 days).

But they also refuse to define what "too much" is.
It's just a game.

What is more likely is one (or more) of the following scenarios: GAMED BY INDUSTRY:

FB has provided a mechanism which allows a gang of "friends" (most likely robots operated by PR operatives of the pharmaceutical, agri-business, and oil-and-gas industries) join together to flag posts by activists as "spam". And since FB does not provide a way to appeal, you're silenced
-- in the doghouse -- for 2 weeks.


FB, on behalf of big monied interests, is intentionally jamming the communications of people whom their algorithms say are both subversive towards the capitalist economy and also influential to others. FB has a lot of PhDs working there who are very savvy with understanding social-network theory.


FB servers are on the verge of a meltdown, there are too many users, the databases are too big, and they just can't keep up with all the data. Rather than announcing that (which would ruin their reputation), they instead set up blocks against the people who are posting the most, calling them spammers.

... or a combination of the above.

One thing to keep in mind here is this: Read the FB Terms of Service agreement. Their service is never defined, and they assert the right to change it at any time.
Without a definition of a stable service, we do not even have equity rights. There is no basis for a performance lawsuit for them not following the TOS.

Without the ability to sue publicly-chartered "Private corporations", especially when they wield billions of dollars and the power of communication, this is a prescription for fascism.


The true victims of Crimes against Speech are indirect, like the Sautners in Dimmock. When the people get Gasco propaganda on TV, and the voices of dissent speaking truth on FB are silenced, then this is a crime against humanity.

However, with corporate personhood, there appears to be no criminal way to go after Facebook.
And with the TOS as it is, totally one-sided, there is no basis in equity (courts where contract disputes are settled).

Beings which have no basis in equity (no right of standing to sue) are also called slaves, or chattel.
Cows and slaves are beings without standing at courts of equity.

Cows are (and slaves were, prior to abolition) purely considered property under Western law,
without an legal rights to self interest or autonomy.

We are Facebook Slaves. We are Facebook Cows.

We pay nothing for using Facebook, but it takes maybe a billion dollars per year
to run the servers.

This is like commercial TV. We pay nothing for the service. Someone is paying the bills.
So, who are the buyers? And what is the market?

The buyers are the bankers and industrialists.
And now it's law enforcement.

Democracy does not work necessarily in the interests of money, wealth, and power.
Democracy does not work well with Kingdoms or other concentrations of power.
Therefore Democracy must be "controlled" at least according to the corporate mindset.

Facebook is rich with corporate dollars, so it should be no surprise
that censorship is beginning to occur which serves the interests of Big Money.

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