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[Shaleshock Media] New Video: "We Wanna State-wide Ban!"

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Thank you Helen and David Slottje!      <===== watch this

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We Wanna State-wide Ban!

These frack-tured lyrics were written by Jan Quarles and Michael Dineen of Back To Democracy, Trumansburg, in honor of Helen and David Slottje, the lawyers who convinced them a year ago that towns DO have the right to ban gas drilling. With Ken Zeserson on guitar, they sang it at the Rongovian Embassy in Trumansburg on August 10, 2011 to celebrate the Ulysses Town Boardapos;s unanimous vote to ban gas drilling in the town -- the culmination of a year of grassroots organizing. For towns interested in frack bans, the Slottjes continue to offer free legal assistance -- -- while Michael and Jan offer guidance to activists on how to organize these local campaigns.

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"We Wanna A Frackin' Ban" (sung to Beatles' "I Wanna Hold Your Hand") Frack-tured lyrics by Jan Quarles & Michael Dineen Dedicated to: Helen & David Slottje, folk heroes of Tompkins County August 6, 2011

VERSE 1 One year ago, at a meeting... that's where it all be-gan. When Hel-en... aand... Dav-id, said that a town can ban! They said a town can ban. They said a town can ban.

VERSE 2 And Dav-id... said, "Hey people, you know that this is WAR." That's whe-en... we de-ci-ded... that we'd go door-to-door, That we'd go door-to-door; that we'd go door-to-door. (1st "bridge" in minor key) Ul-ys-ses, Ith-a-ca, Dry-DEN...Car-o-LINE, Dan-by, En-field and Hec-tor -- in line, got in line, got in line!

VERSE 3 The Slottjes, they're our... he-roes...You know like Bonnie and Clyde. There's NO way, we can lose now: we've got them on our side! We've got them on our side. We've got them on our side. (2nd "bridge in minor key) You know that if our Gov-er-nor.... let's us down, Well, we've got back up in that case: town by town, town by town, town by town!

VERSE 4 Oh, yeah ....we got that "somethin'....'" We've got a master plan: By State, or by town, We'll get a state-wide ban! (wave for everyone to join in) We wanna a state-wide ba-a-an. We wanna a state-wide BAN.... We wanna a state-wide ba-a-a-a-a-a-an! (END)

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