Friday, September 23, 2011

Fracking FB FLASH-MOB!! 24 hour action!

Share this far and wide!

OK, for the next 24 hours,
here's something fun you can do
if you are on Facebook.

1: Be sure to "Like" the Governor's page:
Governor Andrew Cuomo

2: Post this as your status: 

Governor Andrew Cuomo, there are 10,000 people
living in the state of NY just like me
who are going to lay their bodies on the line to make sure
that there is not one permit issued for HVHF.
May you gain the wisdom, courage and conscience to
DO THE RIGHT THING and stop this fracking madness.

Be sure to TAG the Gov!

Now, when you start typing "@Govern"
(and you have to type it, you can't just cut-and-paste)
you will see a little chooser come up. Just
arrow-down or tab or mouse to select the
Governor's page.

3: Then visit his page. Click on:
Everyone (Most Recent)
at the top of the page
see how many others are posting
the same thing!


Apple Pie Bunker said...

Really? This is such a serious matter. Suggesting something 'Fun to do' reduces our actions to childish antics.

Bill Huston said...

Childish? Thanks just your judgment, in your mind.

This truth may come as a shock to you: Judgments aren't real.

And maybe children have certain traits which should be emulated.

Anyway, if you don't have any fun with your life, Bunker, all there is left is misery.

Do you feel with something as serious as fracking that you and I all deserve to be miserable?

I suppose someone could feel that way, but I don't! I do a lot of service work around this very serious issue. I still want to have some fun while I do this work.