Monday, September 26, 2011

Carry Water to Dimock -- photo gallery

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Carry Water to Dimock
photo gallery.

Photos by Tom Frost, Julie Sautner,
and Ed Kwiatowski.
BH assembled the photos and wrote the text.

On Sunday, Sept. 25, we gathered in Montrose PA to carry
water to Dimock, where dozens of families have been left
without clean water to drink for three years.

This was a bit of a rain date...

The first walk was scheduled for 9-11-11, which is the three-year
anniversary of the Dimock water going bad. People said,
"On this date, let us carry water to Dimock".

On 9-1-11 we were hit Tropical Storm Lee,
and a 100 year flood, and the mighty
Susquehanna River overflowed her banks...

photo credit:

Do you think Mother Earth is talking to us?
Are we listening to what She is saying?

We gathered at the Price Chopper in Montrose:

Some of our friends from JLCNY showed up, including (L to R)
Susan Dorsey, Bryant La Tourette, and Victor Furman.

At one point during the walk, Vic had planted himself at a bar
along Rt. 29 in South Montrose. As the walkers passed by,
he shouted things at them. When he saw me taking video,
he mooned me.

OK you asked for it. NSFW. Don't watch on a full stomach:

Video: 2.5m

Here's the video, 20 seconds.
Just the good stuff (if you're into that sort of thing)

Here our dear Clan Mother Rema tries to reason with them,
including Bill desRosiers -- the flipcam guy from
Energy in Depth Marcellus:

Vera decides to try touch since reason was failing us...

Victoria Switzer, one of those on Carter Road who has suffered
the loss of her water, the invasion of her privacy, and the loss
of the value of her dream home, shows a map of the gas field
she lives in the center of.

People collected water at Lake Montrose, the source of water
for a proposed 12.5 mi. pipeline to remedy the Dimock problems.
The DEP didn't follow through and Cabot said they wouldn't pay.

The walk today followed the route of that pipeline.

Craig and Julie Sautner, Carter Rd. Dimock PA.:

Vera Scroggins does a water blessing, with Christina Countryman
and the children.

We walked...

... and we walked... (having fun too!)

It was 80 degrees F. and these guys dragged this rig, 12.5 mi,
mostly uphill!

Generations of women walked to honor the water...

People came from far away to walk with us....

... and we walked...

Lots of great photo opportunities all along the way. On the right
is Mike Bernhard, from CDOG:

Probably 30-50 water trucks passed us as we walked...

... and pulled ...
(Craig Stevens and Craig Sautner ):

Ok, so I didn't really walk, I biked. I was aching and moaning!
It was hot, and I was hiking up hill carrying nearly 10 pounds of
gear (camera and tripod). But I know those guys with the big sign
had it worse!

Annie Lenihan and Vera:

For some reason the following image captivates me, and
expresses something about the whole day:

4,000 gal vs. 5 gal.

Here we have a man, carrying 5 gallons of clean water for the
people of Dimock.

Verses, 4,000 gallons of potable, clean drinking water.

While you or I might pay $1.50 for 20 oz. of water at the local store,
this truck driver paid $1.12 to the Susquehanna River Basin
Commission (SRBC) for these 4000 gal of our precious
drinking water(*), which will be poisoned, and mostly entombed deep in the
earth, permanently removed from the hydrological cycle,

(* Source: )

We saw at least 30 of these trucks in 3 hours on a Sunday.
Do the math.
40,000 gal every hour.
1 million gallons every day.
30 million gallons every month.
360 million every year.

This is just what we saw.
There could be much more unseen.

As Dr. Sandra Steingraber says,
Never again will this water be
rain, or blood, or tears, or bath water.

Never again will it trickle, drip, sprinkle, gurgle, or glisten.
It is gone forever.As I told the SRBC in Cooperstown,
This could be a doomsday scenario.

We could be killing the planet and killing this place
and killing ourselves. For what? Money?

I hope you are moved to get engaged in this battle.



julie said...

Yes Bill please post Vic mooning you... :)

julie said...
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Greedylandowner said...

Bill I am sure you wont display this.
I am a landowner that could care less if I lease my land.
I am always looking for facts. I went to Dimock seeking exactly that.
My first question.
To the total attendance of about 15
demonstrators. How many are here from Pa.? All said they where their from Pa. I know 6 that were from NY?
So right off the bat we have a lie...
I then explained when our town of Oxford was faced with a toxic waste dump 1800 of the 3500 residents showed up. I asked Mike Barnhard if he remembered he replied yes! I then asked where are the residents from Dimock the only Dimock residents were 3 Sautners and 1 neighbor? Something isn't right.. Where were all the concerned citizens? Again I needed to see for myself and that is why I drove down. If I saw a comunity of Dimock in attendance like my town I would have changed my views instantly.
Second: Vera seen in the Photo with me told me she could not sell her house due to gas Drilling. I asked her if she was mistaken and did she think it was from the economy? She replied no. I then stated but we have no drilling in NY in Afton.
I explained I can sell our house I have real estate calling me to sell my house with three first right of refusals. My house is not for sale? Do we really need to lie and exaggerate? This is what is causing the biggest issues!
Third I have a lot of new information that will blow Gregs stories out of the water but that will be another time.I was there to get facts Bill, and that was my mission. When I am told one lie how can I believe the rest of the information. Again the biggest letdown... Where was the community??? Three Dimock residents out of 1500 Dimmock and surrounding communities? One of your attendees told me the whole town had been paid off. Lets say that was true how about the other towns have they been paid off too? For something that has become the Icon for Pollution due to Hydraulic Fracturing even the news cant twist this one?
If you are as commited to your faith as you lead people to belive you will post this as it is sincer

truthbhad said...

Yo!!!! Bill

I wanna see that ass post it if you got it......

technogeek said...

When oil and gas companies use water to fracture a well, they don't WANT the water to stay in the ground; they want to get it back for reuse. Rather than attacking the Energy in Depth folks at the rally, perhaps you should consider visiting their site.

truthbhad said...


doesn't he teach or should I say didn't he teach self awareness ? where is yours Bill ? os that too a lie

Tom Frost Jr. said...

"To the total attendance of about 15
demonstrators. How many are here from Pa.? All said they where their from Pa. I know 6 that were from NY?
So right off the bat we have a lie..."

...according to a report from a LIAR about the allegedly-"15" demonstrators which, as anybody who was there knows, numbered more like 40 or 50.

Greedylandowner said...

Tom Frost Jr
40 or 50! I hope you are not an estimator. Show your proof for Sept 25. Look at your photos from that day. Even if you count our folks you will be hard pressed to total 21.
Please lets deal with facts.
I just stated the facts and I understand it is hard to take sometimes.
My condolences your battle was hard fought.. Newest report 8 out of 10 Americans want safe drilling now.
Thats a score of 2 to 8 not one that would be called a close lose.

Bans that wasted taxpayers money will be tossed out as the state sets the rules. Read on...
The House and Senate have given preliminary approval to statewide rules that would strip some of local governments' powers over oil and gas drilling and create a more streamlined system of zoning rules across the state's 2,562 municipalities.
Lawmakers are trying to merge bills that each chamber passed last month to update laws that cover everything from environmental rules to taxation. The bills propose allowing drilling in all municipal zones, even residential. Municipalities would not be able to apply different restrictions to drill sites than they impose on other buildings in a zone."
I guess you will call this a lie also. Move on get back to your life use your time and efforts to do something worth while. The people of Binghamton ( NY State) can use your help to focus on the Susquehanna River. This is the drinking source for its residents and still today it spews partially treated sewer water into it.
People will follow you on this and it is local.

virtuallyme said...

I WAS there, Tom Frost. Didn't see you though.
Greedy's numbers are correct!