Sunday, October 2, 2011

BREAKING: How the PA DEP rigs the pollution test! (and a warning to NY)

I just found out something amazing from Jeff Andrysick's 80 year old father
(retired chemistry teacher)...

The PA DEP has performed measurements to test for water pollution
caused by frack wastes being dumped into municipal sewage treatment
facilities. They did their between Nov. to Feb.

This is at a time of year which is guaranteed to have the lowest pollution
because of three different factors.

  1. There is a high-flow rate peak in the river -- the 2nd highest all year
    (see the graph below)

  2. Because of the cold water, dissolved solids precipate out into
    the river bottom (lower turbidity).

  3. The frack wastes extracted from top of big pits or tanks
    will also be of lower turbidity because of the cold.

If someone wanted to rig the test to show lowest amounts of pollution,
one would select this time of year,

If the river flow rates and temps follow historic patterns, this means
tests at this time of year will (on average) show the lowest rates of

NY residents should check the dSGEIS and regs to see if the DEC
is trying to get us to play this same rigged game.

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