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NYRAD Monthly Newsletter Oct 2011

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NYRAD Monthly Newsletter Oct 2011
Guest Editor: Bill Huston

It's been a very busy month here in the trenches of NYRAD!
Here's a few updates.
  • SGEIS / Fracking in New York?
  • Watkins Glen LPG hearing
  • Important Upcoming Events
  • Gratitude

The Sept 2011 SGEIS:
Will Cuomo allow NY to be Fracked

New York is still under a de facto moratorium.... but not for much longer it seems. Governor Cuomo is trying to put Hyrdrofracking NY on the fast track.
In September, the NY DEC issued the final "Revised Draft SGEIS" for hydrofracking in NY, as well as the draft Regulations. Despite the call for more time-- 76 groups representing thousands of NYers asked for 180 days, the Governor has only allowed 90 days of comment.
Make some noise so they can hear you in Albany!

This could be the last stage of the political process before permits are issued in NY. If your town does not have zoning, or any Land Use plan, the SGEIS will become the defacto(Industrial) Land Use Plan for all of NY. This will come as a big shock to rural upstate communities.

We should all derive hope in that we have the largest social movement happening which I have ever witnessed. This is a beautiful thing! The tide is beginning to turn, but we cannot slow down on our efforts.

If you need help understanding the SGEIS, and how to make a comment, please check the following resources:

Sidney / Leatherstocking

On Thursday, the Town of Sidney supervisor Bob McCarthy refused to move the meeting from a room rated for 55 people which was holding by one count 80 people, with people in the hallway trying to hear. He called the meeting to order, and first thing changed the agenda to vote on the Leatherstocking Pipeline first.

As you can see from the meeting in August, the town was largely against it:

Friends of Sustainable Sidney
went door to door and discovered that more than 90% of the town was against the pipeline and against fracking.

Many things were "funny" about the whole thing. If you watch the Aug. meeting, you will find the following:

1) the route of the pipeline was unknown
2) there were no definite suppliers
3) there were no definite customers
4) the town would derive no revenues
5) the duration was for 50 years, but really "perpetuity".

The Leatherstocking folks continued to repeat "this has nothing to do with hydrofracking", however hydrofracking requires pipelines, and FOIL'd secret meeting minutes indicate that 96 wells (which do not exist now) would be the likely supplier.

Amphenol, a local business, has threatened to leave the area, and many of the Town Board seemed to think that approval of the pipeline, and cheap local gas to this business, might entice them to stay.

As the the board of trustees of the town were polled for their vote, the room burst out chanting, "DELAY THE VOTE!" but the board. It was pandemonium and screaming for 15 min. after that. Police were called.

Here's some video shot by Erdem Osmanli of the local Sufi community:


Please check out the latest videos about the Fight Against Frack:

Coming up this week on ShaleShockMedia!
  • The entire footage of Epic No Frack Event (10+ hours of speakers and music)
  • The Second Ithaca SGEIS forum (recorded Sat. Oct 15)
  • Syracuse SGEIS forum w/Roger Downs & Katherine Nadeau
  • Aug. Sidney hearing and Sept. vote.
  • ...Lots more coming soon...!

Urgent Reminder:

The time to file your comments with the DEC
concerning the Sept 2011 SGEIS is NOW!

It is better to file many short comments than one large post.

Watkins Glen LPG hearing

I was privileged to witness an amazing thing in Watkins Glen last month (27 Sept 2011). Gas Free Seneca helped organize hundreds of people (nearly 1,000) to come out to a DEC hearing on a proposed major expansion of an LPG (liquefied gas) storage facility in the salt caverns in Watkins Glen. The crowd was rowdy and took control of the room. The said it this wasn't related to hydrofracking, but the people were well-researched and found out this project was closely linked.

If you really want to get jazzed about what an amazing popular movement we have going now, check out this footage:
Here is a youtube playlist of the entire (3 hr) hearing:

I attended a meeting of the Susquehanna River Basin Commission in Cooperstown. These three unelected political appointees of the governors of NY, PA and MD, and a rep from the Army Corps of Engineers appointed by the President, unanimously voted to approve 22 new water withdrawals in the Susquehanna River, after 2 dozen people spoke against these withdrawals and hydrofracking in general. I was disgusted. I wrote about it here:

The Delaware River Basin Commission may make a similar vote to allow 20,000 gas wells in the Delaware River Basin on Monday November 21, in Trenton NJ. A huge protest is assembling, and people are planning on using Non-Violent Direct Action and perhaps Civil Disobedience in order to protect these sacred rivers which give us life. Please see: and

Carry Water to Dimock:
Photo Gallery


We have lots of educational material, pamphlets,
DVDs, tee-shirts, and lawnsigns.

We even still have some Blue/Blue NYRAD wrist bands,
which use the same colors as the "Friends of Clean Air and Water" lawnsign.
All of our materials are available for a small donation. If you need any materials, feel free to call or email me: 607-321-7846, or contact Elaine Perkus: 607-648-4959 and we'll make sure you get whatever you need.

Call to Action!

This is an urgent time for New York.
Everything we hold precious is threatened by unsafe gas drilling.

Please considering taking one extra step and get more involved.

There are so many ways you can get more involved!

* Write a letter to the editor
* rent GASLAND and invite friends over
* Learn about the SGEIS and make a comment to the DEC
* Attend your town board meetings and tell them you want a local ban.
* Talk to your social or church group about Hydrofracking

Just for Laughs:

Ironic News Report w/Julianna Forlano on "Fracking Bullsh*t"

Laughing about the destruction of water is sort-of like comedy about war. How can you laugh about such a serious topic?

Still, I think you will find this new video funny, informative, and poignant.

I think it's fracking brilliant!
Great job Julianna!

NYRAD Calendar

In addition to the events listed below,. please check the NYRAD
regional events calendar for last minute updates:

Important Upcoming Events
  • Nov 17: DEC Hearing in Binghamton

    The Forum Theatre,
    236 Washington St.,
    Binghamton, NY

    Two sessions:
    1pm – 3:30pm
    6pm- 9pm

    Please attend even if you do not feel informed enough
    to make a public comment.

    No matter where in NY you live, please consider attending
    this important meeting.

    Experts from around the state will be testifying, so it will be a great way to
    learn the latest information.

  • Nov 21: DRBC Hearing, Trenton NJ
    Please see: and

  • Dec 1: SGEIS Hearing, Ithaca NY
    This is the last hearing, and an "Unofficial" hearing in the heart of the Finger Lakes resistance.

  • Dec 12: Last day to make a comment to the DEC on the SGEIS.
    Don't wait! Make several comments. Start today!

If you need help understanding the SGEIS, and how to make a comment, please check the following resources:


I want to thank all of the beautiful people involved in this struggle.
I have been very moved by the passion and dedication
I have seen in my peers at NYRAD and other affinity groups.

People have put their entire lives on hold to protect this land.
I am overcome with joy by your efforts.
Please keep going.

I am certain we must all do this work with joy and compassion for all beings.
Compassion is love which does not discriminate.
Compassion is love which is universal.

Advice on how to practice activism for the long term:

Release judgments, resentment, and all attachments.
Do your work with joy.

May all beings be happy, and free from suffering.

May all beings have clean water to drink
and clean air to breathe.

These are necessary for life.

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