Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Binghamton University has been BAITING the DEER for YEARS"

"Binghamton University has been

PHOTO: Local hunter Steve Tompkins stands in a field of strange mounds
of "organic matter" at the BU Nature Preserve, which he claims is
baiting the deer.

(Vestal NY) -- "Binghamton University has been baiting deer for years."
So says Steve Tompkins, a local deer hunter who is opposed to the
proposed slaughter of 90% of the herd which live in the Nature Preserve.

"It's illegal if I bait the deer", said Tompkins. "Why should BU be able
to do it? It's like they think they are above the law."

PHOTO: Another Field of Mounds in the Nature Preserve

Anyone who has ever hiked in the BU Nature Preserve will have seen
huge mounds. There are dozens of them all throughout the Preserve,
perhaps 100-120 or more.

As a hiker, I thought they were just giant anthills. One of the trails
is even named, "Anthill Trail". There's just one problem with that.

"Those are not natural", said Tompkins. "I've hunted all over this
area, even down into PA. There's nothing like this anywhere else
but here.".

PHOTO: Some of the dozens of giant 3ft tall "anthills"
in the BU Nature Preserve.

So, if they aren't anthills, what are they?

"This is a combination of food waste from the cafeterias and organic matter
from the plant nursaries", Tompkins told Friends of Nature and Animals.

"I can't reveal my source, but they use a machine called a 'Goat'"
to turn food waste into mulch, then dump it up here.

Detail: Strange Mounds of Organic Matter in the BU Nature Preserve

The deer eat this, it's like bait to them", he continued.
He showed evidence where the deer and perhaps other
animals had eaten away at the top of several of the mounds.

"If the deer are overpopulated, it's BU's own fault".

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AB Clark said...

If anyone wants to see more mounds like the ones described in the Nature Preserve, please take a walk through city land at the top/end of woodland here on the South Side. Or walk the paths on South Mountain to see some dense collections of the ants.

I film the ants when active in the summer and use them in my biology classes.

It amazes me how anyone who spends time outside in the local woods can fail to have seen them, covered with workers. The mounds go through a cycle of being built and used while the workers harvest nearby vegetation and other foods, then they shift to new mounds, leaving these to gradually deteriorate.

Cheers, Anne B. Clark

Bill Huston said...

Thanks for the feedback, Anne.

I am just tracking down every lead. I was told these mounds were dumped compost from the cafeterias.

Would you be interested in giving me a tour of some of the places you've mentioned? Thanks 607-321-7846