Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Binghamton University: REMOVE THE YELLOW SIGNS!

Binghamton University:
Yellow Signs must be REMOVED!

As you may have heard, the Binghamton Press and Sun Bulletin has reported
that Judge Molly Reynolds Fitzgerald has issued a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO)
against Binghamton University (BU) from carrying out a planned Deer Slaughter until
it can be shown that BU has complied with SEQR environmental law.

Friends of Nature and Animals applauds the Judge's decision. We believe
that a full SEQR-Type I process be required, including a full Environmental
Impact Statement, site specific review, and public hearings.

However, signs remain posted all over campus stating that
ALL natural areas on campus are off limits between Dec 23 and Jan 31,
with violators subject to arrest for trespass:

I contacted Officer Parker at Campus Police, and he says he has orders
that the signs are to remain up and to enforce evictions and arrest
from the Preserve.

Friends of Nature and Animals is in strong opposition to the deer slaughter,
which is clearly presently illegal, by both NY State Law, and also
by Court Order.

Therefore, these signs are themselves in violation of law,
and any actions by Binghamton University employee
to allow or further the killing or baiting of animals,
or evictions or arrests from the Preserve in furtherance
of this illegal slaughter to be illegal actions.

Calls placed to both the office of the President, and Vice President
Van Voorst indicate that the campus is closed for winter break
and no staff will be available until next year.

Friends of Nature and Animals requests and demands that Binghamton
University must remove these yellow signs and uphold the Judges order.

Furthermore, Friends of Nature and Animals
reminds Campus Police of the following:
  1. Killing, or removal of animals from the Nature Preserve is prohibited by NY State Law.
  2. Possessing firearms on campus is prohibited by NY State law.
  3. Killing animals with long rifles in Broome County is prohibited by law.
  4. Baiting animals is prohibited by NY State Law.
We ask and demand that the BU Campus Police uphold ALL of the laws
of the State of NY and the Judge Fitzgeralds orders.

Media Contact:
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